Whether it is the recent rainbow hair or the much-loved rainbow jewelry, the rainbow trend is receiving great feedback and acceptance from the fashionistas. With the vibrant color scheme including blue, green, yellow and several other bright hues, we have today collected and listed the 10 best rainbow jewelry designs that work just as well with crystal as with beads and loom.

Scroll down to find the best suitable one to either add or begin your own personal rainbow jewelry collection.

1. Rainbow Dangle Earrings Design : $49.17

rainbow dangle earrings design

These multicolored minimalist dangle earrings in simple roughly cut stones and beads are the perfect piece to pair with your summer dresses in casual day outings with your friends. With just the right pop of color, the earrings can effortlessly enhance your neutral colored outfits.

2. Titanium Rainbow Equality Ring : $55

titanium rainbow equality ring

The titanium rainbow equality ring is a perfect LGBT pride jewellery to show your support for equality amongst all. Simple and distinct in its style, this ring will surely be one of a kind jewellery to reflect a cause.

3. Rainbow Crystal Necklace : $42.00

rainbow crystal necklace

If you are looking for something more feminine and soft in its appeal, you can try this rainbow crystal necklace sporting a simple chain affixed with small rainbow coloured crystals to style up your special evenings.

4. Mystical Dream Heart Pendant : $10

mystical dream heart pendant

Not in a mood to wear multiple small beads or crystals ? if yes, then this dream heart pendant is the perfect fit. The heart shaped crystal is infused with sharp cuts and details on the inside to reflect just the right amount of colour and cutting finesse.

5. Multicoloured Rainbow Flowered Jewelry : $54.10

multicolor rainbow flower jewelry

One of the most trendy of the lot, this rainbow flower jewellery is just the right piece to add a touch of glamour and oomph to your outfit and your evening. With sharp detail and subtle tone, this rainbow flower necklace is certainly a versatile wear.

7. Swarovski Crystal Jewellery Set : $45.00

swarovski crystal jewelry set

If you are willing to shell some amount of money, then this Swarovski crystal rainbow jewellery set is the only piece you will ever need to turn all heads towards you. With precise cut and detail, the necklace is definitely worth the splurge.

8. Rainbow Bridge Pet Memorial Bracelet : $24.00

rainbow bridge pet memorial bracelet

Simple and casual this memorial bracelet can be a great accessorising piece for your younger daughter or sisters. You can even customise the bracelet by adding your personal and preferred charms and beads.

Show your love and pride by owning a striking and impressive rainbow jewellery piece.

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