Jewellery is one piece of accessory that can complete and add the missing glam to your outfit. While some designer pieces are saved for special occasions others become the must-have pieces for everyday wear. We have today collected a list of 10 jewellery designs that you should definitely not miss on this Fall.

1. Earthy Jewelry

earthy jewelry

Jewellery inspired by natural elements and stones is being loved and appreciated by all. Statement necklaces and earrings in the stone embellishments have found their place in the designer as well as everyday brands.

2. Chokers


The 90s style has made a resurgence with the chokers. Available in a variety of styles and materials, the choker is easy to carry and match jewelled accessory. The chokers with its flexible design hold the versatility to mix and match.

3. Button Earrings

button earring

Button earrings are the simple and crafty jewellery pieces you can add to your collection. The earrings need not necessarily be in the form of studs. You can also try intricate statement button earrings for a creative and impressive look.

4. Brooches


Give the antique a modern twist by opting for brooch this season. Whether minimal or extensive, the brooch can instantly add the bling and edge to your outfit. If crystal or studded brooch doesn’t really reflect your style, opt for a funky and fun pair.

5. 90s Silver

90s silver

Gold takes a back bench this season as sleek and silver jewellery pieces come on the forefront of fashion map. Silver with its look and colour can be paired with multiple outfits. From minimal to statement pieces, every design holds its own charm.

6. Crystals


If you are looking to bring in the shine and gleam this season, crystal jewellery is the best option.

7. Stacked Rings and Necklaces


stacked rings and necklaces

Stacked is one trend that has gained popularity in necklaces, bracelets and rings. Stackable designs hold the flexible advantage of mixing and matching as per everyday’s outfit. Stackable rings not only look beautiful and expressive on the finger but also serve as the only needed statement hand accessory.

8. Rose Gold Jewellery

rose gold jewellery1

Rose gold can be seen everywhere nowadays. Even the smartphones have surrendered to the craze and popularity of the colour. Rose gold is not just hot and trending but is also a plush colour to match everyone’s mood this Fall. Comforting and sophisticated, rose gold jewellery pieces blend seamlessly with the casual as well as dressy outfits.

This Fall, accessorise yourself with the most popular jewellery designs to have a fashionable transition to complement the changing colours, cool weather, cardigans and crew necks.

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