Right after the hoopla and excitement of New York Fashion Week, one of the biggest and much-awaited events in the fashion calendar, the London Fashion Week has finally arrived. And, along with the big and established brands, some new and interesting labels were to be seen at the Fashion Week.

The designers at the London Fashion Week showcased some cheerful and positive designs complete with gingham checks, novelty prints, distressed denim and more. Today we have collected a list of our top favourite spring 2017 fashion trends from the London shows.

1. Gingham Checks


The Gingham checks have started to appear in so many things that it will be late to consider it a trend. Though ubiquitous in a range of pieces, but the way in which London designers have incorporated the check prints is definitely a fresh take on the common pattern.

2. Puffy Sleeves

ashley williams

The 80s trend has finally made a comeback and the presence of the striking period can be seen through the inflation of the sleeves. Ashley Williams and Emilio de la Morena were few of the designers to show their designs with party frocks carrying puffy sleeves.

3. Khaki

london fashion week1

Every woman loves the look of a trench coat but the khaki designs showcased in the London Fashion Week by designers such as J.W. Anderson were fresh and impressive in their design and pattern.

4. Peek a Boo

peek a boo

The peek a boo trend with interesting cutouts are been seen all over the spring runways. Erdem designed a ruffled dress with an interesting patterned cutout neckline and Christopher Kane placed sleek slivers in the shimmer finale dress.

5. Extra Long Sleeves

extra long sleeves

The very long sleeves are being seen on runways all around, and the coolest sleeves this season extend past your fingertips. Though, designer Ryan Lo extended that look a tad bit further with sleeves dropping low past the model’s knees.

6. Distressed Denim


Denim has always been popular in the fashion weeks but young London brand such as Faustine Steinmetz and Marques Almeida advanced the look with distressed frayed styles that were pure rock ‘n’ roll.

7. Novelty Factor

novelty factor


Adding humour to their collections, London designers, Henry Holland closed his show with the models walking the ramp in novelty tees printed with cheeky phrases like “I’d pay millions for a night with [fellow London designer] Ashley Williams. Christopher Kane designed a fun sweater with Saint Christopher motif.

Update your wardrobe with these stylish and latest growing trends and make a fashion-forward statement this season.

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