Pay tribute to your favorite city or building by getting a skyline tattoo design. Those who opt for this tattoo tend to feel comfortable and love the place they live so much that they wouldn’t leave unless otherwise. Moon tattoos tend to have an edge when incorporated with a skyline background. Whether you want to symbolize a particular city or your ideal location, if you’re thinking of getting a skyline tattoo then these designs will inspire you.

Simple Skyline Tattoo Idea

Simple Skyline Tattoo Idea Source

Do you have a city or place that you love, then symbolize that memory using this skyline tattoo design. The ink color is bold enough to help the tattoo stand out. The design is simple yet meaningful for that particular individual.

Outline Skyline Tattoo Design

Outline Skyline Tattoo Design Source

This unique tattoo tends to symbolize your hometown, or where you were born. Add a love symbol on the outline skyline tattoo design to pinpoint your location. The black shading is suitable for all skin tones. You may also see World Map Tattoo Designs

Chicago Skyline Tattoo

Chicago Skyline Tattoo Source

If Chicago is the place where you live or your ideal town, then go for this beautiful skyline tattoo design. Perfect for women, the dark shadings and small size make this tattoo beautiful enough to fetch you compliments.

City Skyline Tattoo Idea

City Skyline Tattoo Idea Source

Skyline tattoos are the perfect way to represent your city. Opt to draw buildings in the city that remind you of someone special. The colors to add will entirely depend on how you want your tattoo to look on your skin.

Skyline Hand Tattoo Design

Skyline Hand Tattoo Design Source

When it comes to making skyline tattoo stand out, then a simple line work is enough to create a unique and good looking design. It’s easier to cover up the tattoo with a long sleeved shirt when inked on the hand.

London Skyline Tattoo Idea

London Skyline Tattoo Idea Source

Have you ever been to London? Do you love the place? Then why not express your love for this city by getting a London skyline tattoo. Opt to incorporate specific landmarks such as castles that make London a unique place.

New York City Tattoo Design

New York City Tattoo Design Source

If you love New York City because of baseball, then get a skyline tattoo that symbolizes your love for this sport. Your design will look unique when you opt to use standard symbols of the name of the city.

Silhouetted Skyline Tattoo Idea

Silhouetted Skyline Tattoo Idea Source

A large skyline tattoo design is best inked on the back where there’s ample space. You can even add a ship tattoo or other beautiful elements on this skyline to make your design more creative and unique.

Watercolor Skyline Tattoo

Watercolor Skyline Tattoo Source

Watercolor tattoo designs are the most trending tattoos right now, and this skyline design will blow your mind. Opt to use different shades of your favorite watercolors and city to give an authenticity and personality to your tattoo.

Seattle Skyline Tattoo Design

Seattle Skyline Tattoo Design Source

This Seattle skyline tattoo design is both cool and simple. Suitable for any man who looks for simplicity and skill in a tattoo design, with this ink art any tattoo lover will get compliments especially from the ladies. You may also see Mechanic Tattoo Designs

Ankle Skyline Tattoo Design

Ankle Skyline Tattoo Design Source

American Skyline City Tattoo

American Skyline City Tattoo Source

Skyline Tattoo on Leg

Skyline Tattoo on Leg Source

Skyline City Tattoo on Wrist

Skyline City Tattoo on Wrist Source

Mango Skyline Tattoo Design

Mango Skyline Tattoo Design Source

Black Skyline Tattoo on Thigh

Black Skyline Tattoo on Thigh Source

Modern Skyline Tattoo Idea

Modern Skyline Tattoo Idea Source

Full Sleeve Skyline Tattoo

Full Sleeve Skyline Tattoo Source

Colorful Skyline Tattoo Idea

Colorful Skyline Tattoo Idea Source

Awesome London Tattoo for Girl

Awesome Skyline Tattoo for Girl Source

How to get a skilled tattoo artist?

While online can be a good way to get the reviews of a good tattoo artist, it’s also filled with inexperienced people who are looking for a way to make quick money. Go for a professional who has skills, is hygienic and has experience in the tattoo business. Ultimately, the best way to find a professional tattoo artist is to ask people who have the kind of design and style you want.

How to ensure your tattoo heals fast?

When it comes to treating tattoo, the best recommendation should come from your tattoo artist. During the first three days, it’s crucial to clean your tattoo at least three times a day with antibacterial soap. Apply moisturizing tattoo lotion a week after getting your design.

Skyline tattoos are the best way to express your love for a particular city. You can opt for simple designs with a star tattoo that best express your personality or incorporate other designs such as UFO tattoo to portray your wild side. Whatever design you choose you will look unique.

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