According to a popular quote,‘ A ship in a harbor is safe but that’s not what ships are built for’, each of these tattoos also has a hidden meaning like this. Life is like a ship, you have to keep sailing, even if you come across rough patches. Based on this we have found 10 amazing ship tattoo designs as an inspiration for you. If you are wondering why are we stuck on ‘ships’ today, you need to scroll down. We have 10 ship tattoo designs and these are surely going to blow the wind out of your sail.

Traditional Ship Tattoo

traditional ship tattoo


This is a very traditional design of a ship. There is seashell at the bottom and the ship above it. The color used on to it gives out a very realistic traditional look and feel.

Ship Hand Tattoo Design

ship hand tattoo design


If you are planning to get a tattoo on your hand, this is the perfect one. There is a lady who looks like she is from the medieval period or from Pirates of Caribbean and on her hat, there is a beautifully drawn out ship. We definitely love the thought put behind this one.

Ship Tattoo with Floral Tattoo

ship tattoo with floral tattoo


You can make a ship look pretty cute and stylish. This tattoo gives it a proper beach feeling. There are the water, sky and the ship of course. Surrounded by pretty colored flowers. This gives it a very funky and artistic feeling.

Black Ship Sleeve Tattoo

black ship sleeve tattoo


This tattoo has a very deep inner meaning to it. If you look closely, you will see a star at the bottom and the ship on top of it. It symbolizes the idea of “shining during the darkest hours”. We love the shading done on the design. Brings out the depth of the tattoo.

Ship Foot Tattoo Design

ship foot tattoo design


The tattoo looks very neat and elegant when you look it from far. It is small but the shading done is so perfect. The little red done on top and at the bottom gives it a chic look. The year adds a punch to the whole design.

Unsinkable Ship Tattoo

unsinkable ship tattoo


Apart from its crazy design, this tattoo brings out a very strong message. It tells us that you have to be strong and never quiver when we face hard situations. Life is like a ship and you need to keep sailing.

Ship Sailor Tattoo

ship sailor tattoo


This again is a very simple and straightforward tattoo design. The sails in the ship are done to precision and this is overall a very dainty design. It gives it a very virtual feeling and you won’t fail to notice a tattoo like this.

Colorful Flag Ship Tattoo

colorful flag ship tattoo


This tattoo is different from the others because it has a lot of colors in it and if you have failed to notice, they have cute tiny flags onto it too. This gives you a feeling of a pirate ship and the purple clouds give it a rustic look.

Ship with Globe Tattoo Design

ship with globe tattoo design1


This is a wonderfully designed tattoo and what is, even more, better is the thought put behind it. There is so much intricate detailing into this design. We love the globe put at the bottom that signifies travel the world.

Small Ocean Ship Tattoo Design

small ocean ship tattoo design


This is a very cute and simple design. It is kept very minimal and the color of the waves and the birds around the ship gives it an overall feeling of the ship in the sea.

Stomach Ship Tattoo Design

stomach ship tattoo design


Awesome Ship Tattoo on Thigh

awesome ship tattoo on thigh


Ankle Ship Tattoo Design

ankle ship tattoo design


Ship with Mermaid Tattoo

ship with mermaid tattoo


Palm Ship Tattoo Design

palm ship tattoo design


Modern Ship with Skull Tattoo

modern ship with skull tattoo


These are 10 designs which we think are completely out of the box and that these should be on your ‘let’s try it’ list.

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