Among the many tattoos you would have come across, this is going to be the craziest, funkiest, spooky and most eerie. The Coffin Tattoo can either have spooky little things rising from the grave or the walking dead or maybe just a plain coffin with no special effects. Whatever it may be we will just have to wait and see what is in store for you. But we can assure you one thing, you are ought to fall in love with these unique tattoos that are a combination of bold and realistic designs. You may also See Gothic Tattoo Designs

Traditional Coffin Tattoo Design

traditional-coffin-tattoo-design Source

The beautifully designed coffin tattoo is very traditionally drawn out with the perfect moon rising while the door of the coffin opens. There are a bunch of beautiful red flowers placed on the coffin to add some color to the perfectly done black shading.

Coffin Tattoo Design For Men

coffin-tattoo-design-for-men Source

Don’t let the ship sink; let it sail through the night and through the beautifully designed coffin. The ship and coffin compliment each other perfectly in this tattoo. The moon rising above it all makes it seem flawless.

Rose and Coffin Tattoo

Coffin Skull Tattoo Design Source

The rose and the coffin go back in time to make a wonderful combination. The red rose adds a vibrant touch to the black dingy coffin. This tattoo has been designed with at most perfect with it almost looking like a 3-D model.

Coffin Skull Tattoo Design

Coffin Skull Tattoo Design Source

The skull rising from the coffee is the old myth of how the dead rises when everyone goes to sleep. Well, this myth has been well brought out in the form of a tattoo. The flowers attached to it, add a special appeal to the overall design. The subtle coloring is to blend into the coffin design. You may also See Biker Tattoo Designs

Coffin Tattoo on Hand

Coffin Skull Tattoo Design Source

A small and simplistic design with no hidden meaning can catch a lot of attention too. This design has half shading done and the other half is plain with a two layer bordering around it all. The words sleep tight is something that can be spooky.

Small Couple Coffin Tattoo

Small Couple Coffin Tattoo Source

The coffin tattoo for him and her is perfect for every couple who wants to grow old together. The coffin tattoo has a cute heart on it and a little red shading around it to give it a special effect. Both the designs are designed on the ring finger.

Creative Eye and Coffin Tattoo

Creative Eye and Coffin Tattoo Source

This coffin tattoo has been dramatized with an eye sketched on it. The teardrops are in red and fall drop by drop perfectly. The eyes, if noticed closely have so many colors and they all blend in perfectly with the coffin.

Old School Sleeve Tattoo

Old School Sleeve Tattoo Source

The old school sleeve tattoo has a modern touch to it too. This tattoo is bright and colorful unlike the other designs we came across. There is so much vibrancy to this design that it is eye catching and spectacular to look at.

Skeleton and Coffin Tattoo Design

skeleton-and-coffin-tattoo-design Source

This is a unique combination of humor and spookiness. The skeleton rising from the coffin is scary enough when the text on the coffin will get you cracking up. The noticeable element in this design is how differently and aptly the inside of the tattoo is designed.

Coffin with Quote Tattoo Idea

Coffin with Quote Tattoo Idea Source

The first thing that will catch your attention in this particular tattoo is the red coloring on the inside of the coffin. Black and red compliment each other perfectly well and the quote adds a special punch to the design.

Sun with Coffin Tattoo Idea

Sun with Coffin Tattoo Idea Source

Colorful Coffin Tattoo

Colorful Coffin Tattoo Source

Love Coffin Tattoo Design

Love Coffin Tattoo Design Source

Funny Coffin Tattoo Design

Fire Coffin Tattoo Design Source

Modern Coffin Tattoo for Leg

Modern Coffin Tattoo for Leg Source

Skull with Rose Tattoo Design

Skull with Rose Tattoo Design Source

Moon with Coffin Tattoo

Moon with Coffin Tattoo Source

Scary Coffin Tattoo Idea

Scary Coffin Tattoo Idea Source

Simple Coffin Tattoo on Shoulder

Simple Coffin Tattoo on Shoulder Source

Ankle Coffin Tattoo

Ankle Coffin Tattoo Source

Forearm Coffin Love Bond Tattoo

Forearm Love Bond Tattoo Source

After looking at these various coffin tattoo designs, a coffin is no more a dark, scary place for us. We can now think of it with pretty flowers and lots of colors with a few skeletons here and there. Apart from that this design is trending now so if you are planning to get a tattoo, this should be on your mind too.

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