There is one item that represents luck better than anything else – a horseshoe. Besides luck, a horseshoe representes good mood and positive attitude. Here are some of the most amazing horseshoe design and why you should do one of your own. You may also See Unicorn Tattoo

Horseshoe Tattoo on Foot

Horseshoe Tattoo on Foot Source

This one represents a lucky step towards a big and lucky change. Changing your life is not an easy thing. There is no better way to celebrate next big step in your life but with a cool design like this.

Horseshoe Tattoo For Men

Horseshoe Tattoo For Men Source

Here we see male strength aligned to the strength of a horse. The best part of the body should be triceps muscle and the surrounding area. This is probably the most visible part of the male body for this kind of tattoo. It is just the position of the tattoo that suggests the power of the male person. It will definitely suit you besides a waterfront.

Double Horseshoe Tattoo Design

Double Horseshoe Tattoo Design Source

This tattoo means and makes sense to you and your beloved person. Celebrate love by doing cute tattoo art of double horseshoe image. One represents you, the other one, whoever you want.

Traditional Horseshoe Tattoo Idea

Traditional Horseshoe Tattoo Idea Source

Simple and classic tattoo art never fades away. With an addition of a floral design, it will send a strong message of your life. This kind of a mix represents a moral support. As usual, certain horseshoe designs have hidden meaning to bystanders. You may also See Angel Wing Tattoo

Daddy and Horseshoe Tattoo

Daddy and Horseshoe Tattoo Source

This is pure happiness brought to you by a person who inspired you through life. Who can offer you a better comfort on a rainy day and when everything goes bad. Show him with a tattoo, what he means to you. Make sure you use right colors.

Blue Horseshoe Tattoo on Hand

Blue Horseshoe Tattoo on Hand Source

Cute way to show how the blue light represents freedom and endless horizon, in its purest form. Cheerful and bright colors like blue or green are making a statement: “The sky is the limit“, you can’t tie me down. I am free.“

Small Horseshoe Tattoo

Small Horseshoe Tattoo Source

Simple, but powerful. What else you can do, to represent man and strength of his favorite animal? Add initials of your love and you can’t do wrong. So much positivism and hope are displayed in one small tattoo.

Horseshoe Tattoo on Wrist

Horseshoe Tattoo on Wrist Source

This will make you noticeable by others. Are you an extrovert person? This will outline your personality for sure. This represents a person who makes things happen, a person who doesn’t cut corners in order to gain victory.

Horseshoe and Flower Sleeve Tattoo

Horseshoe and Flower Sleeve Tattoo Source

Somehow, flowers theme follows horseshoe tattoos through time, suggesting that you are on the right track. Sleeve tattoo has a long history of depicting human mood, thoughts and intentions. Popularized by American movies, depicting Yakuza, sleeved tattoos crunch their way to body art in a new way, yet to be exploited and discovered.

Feminine Horseshoe Tattoo Design Idea

Feminine Horseshoe Tattoo Design Idea Source

A shamrock and a horseshoe is a winner. Although this double luck sign means power and tangibility, it could be misunderstood by others. Who is looking to enhance its appearance, stop looking any further

Black Horseshoe Tattoo for Back

Black Horseshoe Tattoo for Back Source

Shoulder Horseshoe Tattoo Idea

Shoulder Horseshoe Tattoo Idea Source

Rose and Horseshoe Tattoo

Rose and Horseshoe Tattoo Source

Modern Horseshoe Ankle Tattoo

Modern Horseshoe Ankle Tattoo Source

Green Horseshoe Tattoo Idea

Green Horseshoe Tattoo Idea Source

Colorful Tattoo for Thigh

Colorful Tattoo for thigh Source

Horseshoe with Bird tattoo

Horseshoe with Bird tattoo Source

Trendy Horseshoe Tattoo for Back Ear

Trendy Horseshoe Tattoo for Back ear Source

Text Horseshoe Tattoo for Sleeve

Text Horseshoe Tattoo for Sleeve Source

Butterfly Horseshoe Tattoo Design

Butterfly Horseshoe Tattoo Design Source

Horseshoe and Heart Tattoo Idea

Horseshoe and Heart Tattoo Idea Source

Horseshoe tattoo is for young people who feel rebellious, but it is also a sign of a person who is calm and organized.

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