Sleeve tattoos are divided into two categories like full sleeves, ad half sleeve tattoos. There are many choices for sleeve tattoos like tribal tattoos, fonts, quotes, flowers, angels, animals, dragons, 3D or Polynesian.

David Beckham Full Sleeve Tattoo

david beckham sleeve tattoos

Dwayne Johnson Polynesian Sleeve Tattoo

dwayne johnson polynesian tattoo

Adam Levine Sleeve Tattoo

adam levine tattoo

Sleeve tattoos are popular among both men and women. Some women like to cover their full arm usually with flowers and watercolor ink. For women, flower tattoos on sleeves have been in demand as well as 3D color designs of oceanic display. Many incorporate designs of ship, octopus, seas, shark and anchors into their sleeve tattoo design.

John Mayer Full Sleeve Tattoo

john mayer full sleeve tattoo

Justin Bieber Long Sleeve Tattoo

justin biber

Skull Sleeve Tattoo

skull sleeve tattoo design


Traditional Anchor Sleeve Tattoo

traditional anchor sleeve tattoo


3D Girl Sleeve Tattoo

3d girl sleeve tattoo


Dragon Fly Sleeve Tattoo

dragon fly sleeve tattoo


Water Color Sleeve Tattoo

watercolor sleeve tattoo


Maori Half Sleeve Tattoo

maori half sleeve tattoo


Koi Fish Sleeve Tattoo

koi fish sleeve tattoo


While men like to some special designs such as tribal art, dragons and more. Koi fish tattoo designs is famous for Japanese and Chinese culture. A Polynesian or Maori tattoo design is highly popular among men as it covers both shoulder and arm. Another popular trend for full sleeves is a Japanese style dragon with intricate red and dark shading. Amazing sleeve tattoo design is a solar system tattoo and geometric illusions for men.

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