Geometry Tattoo continues to be popular mainly because they show symmetry. Depending on the thickness of the shapes and line, these tattoo designs can be epic, delicate and even meaningful. Individuals who want a design that is minimalistic can go for geometric tattoos that are inked using dot work. For a bolder design, black work and dark colors can show your preference for cool styles. The following are geometric tattoo designs that will blow your mind. You may also See Star Tattoo Designs

Geometric Animal Tattoo Designs

Animals have always been revered in most cultures as they are believed to have spiritual links with humans. You can take any animal be it a wolf, tiger, elephant or dragon with traits that you can relate to and ink it in a geometric design.

Geometric Animal Tattoo: Wolf 
geometric wolf animal tattoo


Geometric Animal Tattoo: Deer
geometric deer animal tattoo


Small Geometric Tattoo Designs

Small geometric tattoos are cute and elegant making them ideal for people who prefer less visible tattoos. You can ink a Mandala, arrow, or anchor tattoo in a geometric design. Place these tattoos on the finger, foot, behind the ear neck.

Geometric Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Want to enhance the visual appeal of your sleeves? Then go for geometric sleeve tattoos. Suitable for men, you can ink a full, half or quarter sleeve depending on how large you want your design to be. Getting your tattoo with a 3D effect can enhance its realistic impact. You may also See Lightning Tattoo Designs

Geometric Sleeve Tattoo for Women

geometric sleeve tattoo for women


Geometric Flower Tattoo Designs

Adding a flower to a geometric tattoo gives a personal symbolic meaning or accentuate the beauty of your design. Each flower has its meaning so do research before integrating it in your tattoo. This body art represents beauty, life, youth, love and femininity.

Geometric Flower Tattoo on Wrist

geometric flower tattoo on wrist


Geometric Flower Tattoo on Chest

geometric flower tattoo on chest


Geometric Feather Tattoos

With many bird species available to date, you will definitely find a feather design that appeals to you. Geometric feather tattoos link different shapes and lines with the spirit of the bird. Popular in native America these tattoos show how birds balance during flying.

Geometric Leg Tattoo

Geometric leg tattoos are perfect for girls who want to decorate their legs. You can reveal your tattoo by wearing shorts or a skirt which is above the knees. Those who tend to wear pants most of their days will prevent frequent exposure to the sun hence reduce fading.

Watercolor Geometric Tattoo Ideas

Watercolor geometry tattoo breaks all the rules on how a tattoo should look! They are recognized by their bold ink color and abstract design. Opt to outline the wings of your bird tattoo using a multicolored theme, or make your tattoo interesting by adding different geometric shapes. You may also See Daffodil Tattoo Designs

Watercolor Geometric Tattoo on Shoulder

watercolor geometric tattoo on shoulder


Geometric Arrow Tattoo Designs

Arrow tattoos are among the most popular options when it comes to choosing simple geometric designs. While they represent direction and readiness to defend against enemies, the geometric effect gives the arrow a modern appeal.

Geometric Arrow Tattoo Design on Leg

geometric arrow tattoo design on leg


Geometric Tribal Tattoos

Most tribal tattoos tend to feature geometric shapes like circle, triangle and squares. Each of the shapes is specifically selected and added to portray a unique meaning. In many cultures, these tattoos have magical qualities. You can choose from Samoan, Maori to any Polynesian design.

Geometric Tribal Tattoo on Sleeve

geometric tribal tattoo on sleeve


Geometric Chest Tattoos

The chest provides ample space on which you can incorporate different geometric tattoos. You can use the shapes to tell a story. The circle represents wholeness; dodecahedron symbolizes a spirit while a fire is depicted through a tetrahedron.

Geometric Mandala Tattoo Designs

Whether in Hindu, Buddhism or Christianity, Mandala tattoos feature circles which give them a geometric feel. The circle is a symbol that represents the moon, sun, earth and even the universe. The floral pattern makes these tattoos feminine.

Geometric Mandala Tattoo on Back

geometric mandala tattoo on back


Geometric Hand Tattoos

Expose your geometric tattoo to other tattoo lovers by inking it on the hand. This body area has a relatively flat surface on which you can show the evenness of geometric tattoos.

Geometric Arm Tattoos

Be it on the forearm, inner arm, outer arm or lower arm, geometric arm tattoos are so versatile. They can show the delicate nature of a woman’s hand or the manliness of a man’s hand. These tattoos are attention grabbing and you can hide them by wearing long sleeve outfit.

Geometric Arm Skull Tattoo

geometric arm skull tattoo


Geometric Arm Tattoo for Men

geometric arm tattoo for men


Geometric Pattern Tattoo Ideas

A geometric pattern tattoo will look fabulous on the hand, feet, neck, thigh, chest or sleeves. They can be done in small, simple designs to large bold ones. You may also See Peacock Tattoo Designs

Geometric Pattern Tattoo on Sleeve

geometric pattern tattoo on sleeve


Geometry tattoo tends to symbolize perfection in symmetry and balance between different elements. These tattoos require an experienced artist as a slight deviation will often be noticeable.  You can choose from bold designs that are done in watercolor or 3D design or opt for geometry tribal tattoos drawn with black ink.

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