Fierce Bull Tattoo Designs

The bull is an animal that is known to be very fierce. In some countries, they have games with the bulls that are proven to be risky at times. A bull tattoo looks very fierce but gives out a sign of power. The bull is also a representation of the famous star sign, Taurus. We tried looking at some amazing bull tattoos and we succeeded, we came across 20 crazy tattoos and made us want to get one and we are sure you are going to feel the same.

Have you ever wondered where you could get a tattoo like a bull done on your body? Well, that’s why we are here to help. Through these tattoos, you will get an idea of how it can look and where you could get it done and what colors you could possible use. Let’s take a look at these designs and see what they are all about.

Bull Face Tattoo Design

Bull Face Tattoo Design Source

This tattoo looks amazing. We love how well each aspect of it is done. The sniff from its nose gives out an extra effect. There is so much creativity involved in this design and red color used is a perfect catch to the overall tattoo.

Black Inked Bull Tattoo Idea

Black Inked Bull Tattoo Idea Source

This is a simple bull tattoo which you could get done anywhere. It is small and won’t occupy much space. It will look beautiful because of the creativity involved and how well the black is done and would definitely grab people’s attention. You may also see Eagle Tattoo Designs

Colorful Tattoo on Neck

Colorful Tattoo on Neck Source

This bull tattoo, unlike the others, is colourful. If you don’t want it to look too fierce you can try this tattoo. The colors and the flowers used are very creative and make the tattoo look very cute.

Bull Chest Tattoo for Men

Bull Chest Tattoo for Men Source

For all the men out there, you can get this amazing creative work done on your chest and it will look splendid. The tattoo looks like it has a lot of rage involved and is about to attack someone. We love how each emotion of the bull is brought out in this tattoo.

Simple Bull Tattoo on Leg

Simple Bull Tattoo on Leg Source

If you don’t want a very big tattoo, then this fits in the category perfectly. It is a basic sketch of the bull with minimal shading done. We love the creativity behind it because even though it is simple and small, we can still notice the anger in the bull.

Bull Tattoo Design on Finger

Bull Tattoo Design on Finger Source

This tattoo is very cute and adorable to look at. It is different from the other because of its placement. The finger is a very creative and innovative place to get a tattoo and a bull just fits in perfectly. We love the shading done on it. With just little space, we love how finely it is done.

Running Bull Tattoo Idea

Running Bull Tattoo Idea Source

This bull tattoo looks completely different and out of the box. It is absolutely a creative design and is done so wonderfully. The bull colored in black and red and yellow tinge added to it makes it look perfect in its own way.

Tribal Bull Neck Tattoo

Tribal Bull Neck Tattoo Source

The bull tattoo with a tribal touch has more depth which makes it look splendid. This looks simple the tribal aspect added makes it look very creative and different from the others.

Awesome Bull Tattoo on Stomach

Awesome Bull Tattoo on Stomach Source

We love how ferocious this bull is made to look. It looks very real and like it is about to come attack you. This is amazing creative work. The shading done is good and red just adds to the fierce look.

Geometric Bull Tattoo Idea

Geometric Bull Tattoo Idea Source

This is not a mere bull tattoo but a very creative one with geometrical figures used in it. Each symbol in represents something and that what makes the tattoo very special and very visually appealing. You may also see Tribal Tattoo Designs

Angry Bull Tattoo Design

Angry Bull Tattoo Design Source

Old School Bull Tattoo

Old School Bull Tattoo Source

Beautiful Cover Up Tattoo for Men

Beautiful Cover Up Tattoo for Men Source

Awesome Bull Head Tattoo

Awesome Bull Head Tattoo Source

Black Work Tattoo for Men

Black Work Tattoo for Men Source

Realistic Bull Tattoo on Hand

Realistic Bull Tattoo on Hand Source

Traditional Bull Tattoo Idea

Traditional Bull Tattoo Idea Source

Bull Head Tattoo on Arm

Bull Head Tattoo on Arm Source

Black Color Riding Bull Tattoo

Black Color Riding Bull Tattoo Source

Red and Black Tattoo on Palm

Red and Black Tattoo on Palm Source

Awesome Bull Chest Tattoo

Awesome Bull Chest Tattoo Source

These might look fierce but are totally popular among the crowd now. We see a lot of people wanting to get the bull tattoo and here are various options you can choose from. Small to big, we have everything laid out for you.

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