If you ever wished to have a complete breakfast making machine and thought it was just a fictional dream to live, then let us tell you that your most important meal of the day can be made all at once at one fixed station. If you still don’t understand where we are leading to, look below for 5 best appliances that will help you prepare your complete regular everyday breakfast all at one place.

1. Nostalgia 3-in-1 Family Size Breakfast Station- $69.98

nostalgia 3 in 1 family size breakfast station

This 3 in 1 family size breakfast station includes a toaster oven, a girdle and coffee pot all infused in one. Along with the multi-functionality of the appliance, the retro style of the station brings a 50s dinner feel to your kitchen. Experiment by adding a mini fridge to complete this retro look. We are certain it will definitely help you solve your breakfast worries in a rush.

2. Smart Breakfast Master Toaster- $74.79

smart breakfast master toaster

If your favourite breakfast is eggs and toasts then this appliance is undoubtedly the best for you. The appliance comes with a toaster and a steamer on the side to boil and cook six eggs all at once.

3. Cuisinart Breakfast Express Waffle/Omelette Maker- $129

cuisinart breakfast express waffle omelette maker

How awesome would it be to have an egg and waffle maker together in one? No need for you to imagine the futuristic design as this Cuisinart breakfast express waffle/ omelette maker is right here present amongst us. The waffle/omelette maker comes with a dual utility, as the appliance can make the waffle and prepare the egg at the same time. The girdle can be used for more than just preparing eggs, you can also make sandwiches, fry eggs and make pancakes. We know, you must be strongly convinced to buy one right now.

4. Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker- $23.99

hamilton beach breakfast burrito maker

This sandwich maker can actually solve your love for sandwiches and even more sandwiches. The appliance can easily prepare two breakfast sandwiches in one place and really satisfy your hunger.

5. Hamilton Beach Breakfast Burrito Maker- $24.99

hamilton beach breakfast sandwich maker

If you are someone who mostly has their breakfast on the go, then this hamilton beach breakfast burrito maker is a perfect fit. As per the manufacturer, the appliance can also easily make pancakes, omelettes, crepes, and personal pizzas. For sure, it does serve a delicious extension to breakfast.

Pick and purchase the appliance of your choice and preference and make your breakfast as tasty and quick as smart.

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