Advertising your products starts with your packaging and the design you may place into them. This is why being able to create a unique box shape and design is important. To help you create your own, we have provided you with some box template designs you can use to and help you save time and effort.

We will also be sharing a few descriptions about some box template designs available on our website to help you with where and how to use such templates. You can also check out our other posts if you want to download and use a packaging design for your products.

Food Box Template

Fast Food Box

fast food box

Food Box Packaging

food box packaging1

3d Box Template

Smart 3D Box Template

smart 3d box template

3D Box Template Design

3d box template design

Why are Box Designs Important?

Box designs are important because most customers will be visual in buying new products. Before they are able to use such products, they will be taking a look at the design and the details your product may contain. It is also important for you to place all the specifications about your product, especially if your product has any side effects or any allergic reactions when in contact or mixed with another material or substance.

Box designs may also contain your brand logo which is another way for your name  to be well-known. By displaying your designs, your customers will also be able to identify such product with the design itself. For new customers, having a unique design will be able to catch their interest.

Box designs also exist to create a cover for your main product or to cover up the blank area of your product package. Being able to use box designs will also help make your product look neat, presentable, and have more appeal.

You can also check out our website if you want to apply different types of pizza box designs to your pizza boxes to make them look creative and more appealing.

Medicine Box Template

Medicine Packaging Box

medicine packaging box

Pizza Box Template

Pizza Slice Box

pizza slice box

Pizza Box Packaging

pizza box packaging

Multipurpose Box Template

multipurpose box template

Cosmetics Box Template

Men Cosmetics Box

men cosmetics box

Think Outside The Box

There are different types of box templates you can use for the different events, programs, or occasions happening. By being able to download the variety of templates our website provides, you can actually create better ones or alter the current template. This will also give you the opportunity to improve creativity and help you think outside the box. Below are a few box templates you can use to create different types of box designs depending on where you want to use them:

  • Food box template – These types of templates are commonly used for food products and these templates lets you display images, place your captions, and other details you may want to place to complete your food design.
  • Medicine box template – You can use these types of templates to create designs for your medicine boxes where you can insert images, and captions. Though you may have the option to place your images, you will have to include all precautions about your product, as well as place instructions, ingredients, and clearances your product has achieved to keep your customers informed on the details of your product.
  • Pizza box template – These types of templates are commonly used to create box designs for pizza boxes where you can mostly place different borderlines, images, and other decorations to make your box design look unique. The template will also contain spaces for you to write captions or add more depending on your preference.
  • Cosmetics box template – You can use these box templates for your cosmetic product packages. The designs for this template may include options for you to include images, borderlines, overlays, captions for your title, and other caption boxes for you to place other details about your cosmetic products and company contact details.

You can also check out our website if you need more cardboard box designs for your cardboard product boxes.

Beauty Cosmetics Box

beauty cosmetics box

Gift Box Template

Christmas Gift Box

christmas gift box

Surprise Gift Box

surprise gift box

Diy Gift Box

diy gift box

Round Box Template

Round Gift Box

round gift box

What a Box Design Should Contain

Though the templates we are provide already contain the different spaces for you to fill out with your details, you will need to know what elements a box design should contain for you to create your own with ease. Below are some details that a box design should contain:

  • Images – Your box designs should contain images to make them look attractive and unique. You can either place a custom image you’ve made or use your company logo to place as your main image for your box design.
  • Instructions – It is important for you to include instructions in your box designs, especially if the product you plan to sell or distribute to the public may need instructions for them to work or operate properly. If your products are medicines, you will need to place instructions about the daily intake and any other precaution your customers should know before using your product.
  • Product details – You will have to place details about your product like health benefits (if there are any), ingredients, product history, company and manufacturing details, and company contact details for your customers to send you inquiries or if they have any other concern with your product.

You can also check out our website if you want to search for different types of gift box designs.

Round Box Packaging

round box packaging

Round Popcorn Box

round popcorn box

Printable Box Template

Printable Gift Box

gift printable box

Christmas Printable Box

christmas printable box

Printable Cube Box

printable cube box

Rectangular Box Template

Rectangular Product Box

rectangular product box

Rectangular White Gift Box

rectangular gift box

Square Box Template

square box template

Square Box Packaging

Square Match Box

square match box

Square Shoe Box

square shoe box

DVD Box Template

Software DVD Box

software dvd box

DVD Box Cover

dvd box cover

Wedding DVD Box

wedding dvd box template

Cardboard Box Template

Opened Cardboard Box

opened cardboard box

Cylindrical Cardboard Box

cylindrical cardboard box

Pillow Box Template

Floral Pillow Box

floral pillow box

Pillow Box Mockup

pillow box mockup

Cigarette Box Template

Cigarette Box Packaging

cigarette box packaging

Cigarette Box Cover

cigarette box cover

Business Card Box

Letterpress Business Card Box

letterpress business card box

Business Card in Box Mockup

business card with box mockup

Box Packaging Template

White Tin Box Packaging

white tin box packaging

Soap Box Packaging

soap box packaging1

Tissue Box

Tissue Cardboard Box

tissue cardboard box

Shoe Box Template

shoe box template

Preparing Your Box Designs

To be able to create a unique box design, you will need to take in mind a few things before you can even start creating your own artwork. Below are a few examples on how to create your box designs:

  • Theme – You will need to think of a theme for your box design before you can start creating one which means, you will need to consider a specific theme for your product.
  • Computer specs – You will need to use the latest or recommended computer specifications for you to create the necessary designs you need. This will help you avoid lags in your hardware while editing, and maximize all the features of your software programs you plan to use.
  • Decorations – Once you have everything you need, you can use the different decorations, borderlines, overlays, and all other features the different software programs can offer.

You can also check out our website if you want to check for more templates and information about them, or check out new design templates like different types of small box designs.

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