Product packaging is used to wrap a specific object or material to protect them from different elements and is highly regarded for hygienic purposes. It’s what also what decorates a product. Product packaging is very important if you want your products to be sold.

Without good packaging designs, there would be a big chance your product won’t sell. We will discuss different packaging designs you can easily download from our website, and customize and use them with ease. Scroll below for a variety of 3D packaging designs you can use for different products and purposes.

Smart 3D Package Box

smart 3d package box

Product Packaging Vector

product packaging vector

Blank Cosmetics Packaging

blank cosmetics packaging

All in the Package

Every business selling numerous products will need to have attractive product packaging designs. The important thing to remember is that you should choose the best packaging design that fits well with your product and it purpose. Below are some examples of our variety of 3D packaging designs for you to try out:

  • Software box template – These types of product packaging templates are specifically used for software packaging. The design contains the same image as the product itself. It also has spaces for you to place captions or additional details your customers or users may need to know.
  • Juice packaging mockup box You can often find these types of designs specifically used for juice box packaging. The design’s colors give off a refreshing look to match the product and would also be pleasing to look at. You can also place the ingredients used in the juice and the expiration date.
  • Milk carton packaging box – These types of designs are often used for milk carton product packages. Like the juice box, it contains fun images, plus ample space for you to write important details about the product, such as nutritional content and the expiration date.

Cardboard Gift Box

gift box packaging

Cardboard Box Packaging Design

cardboard box packaging design1

Modern Software Product Package Box

modern software product package box

Vector 3d Packaging Template

vector 3d packaging template

Juice Packaging Box Mockup

juice packaging box

Blank Packaging Template

blank packaging template

3D Vitamins and Packaging Set

3d vitamins and packaging set

Cylindrical Box Packaging

cylindrical box packaging

3d Sachet Bag Package

3d sachet bag package

3D Box Packaging Template

3d box packaging template

Where To Use Your Designs

Using the available templates can be a convenience when you’re trying to create your own design, as it saves you time from creating the outlines and other details yourself. Beginners or individuals with no designing experience can also benefit from using the templates, as they also guide users on where to place captions and images.

There are multiple ways which you can use 3D packaging designs and templates. Here are some of them below:

  • Use them for juice packaging – You can use the variety of designs as packages for juice products or other beverages. Our designs should be able to make your products look refreshing and attractive.
  • Use your box designs for preview options – You can create product vector packaging designs with the help of your templates. By being able to create product mockups, you can use it to present to a focus group before you can present it to the general public. Product mockups give you the advantage of seeing how the finished product package will look like mixed with your design.
  • Use them for food packaging – You can also use the packaging designs to give art to your food, since all food packaging should contain a design to attract buyers. Most importantly, it should contain details about the ingredients used, and approval seals or clearances made by different government departments.

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