These animal icons can serve many purposes in the design of your projects and products. They can be incorporated into app design and development, advertising, business logos and letterheads, and so many other options. This list has put together some of the most creative and versatile animal collections in a range of species in order to help you find the set of icons that will add the perfect feel to your project or business.

Marine Animal Icons

marine animal icons

These marine animal icons are simple white disks with 2D pictures of many different marine animals embellished onto them in turquoise. They are simple yet easily create a marine and aquatic theme due to the colour scheme. They can be used for labelling, app icons, logos, stickers, and many other options.

Animal Vector Icons

animal vector icons

These animal vectors are simple white 2D pictures on a read background. With over 85 options to choose from, there is sure to be a vector to suit the needs of your company. These vectors can be used in advertising, branding, stickers, and so many other areas. You may also See Farm Icons

Animals Hipster Icons

animals hipster icons

These animal icons use well-known, well-loved animals and have put an edgy, hipster theme, adding glasses, hats, and bow ties. These icons are much more fun and appeal to any project that is aimed towards a younger audience in advertising, logos, labelling, etc.

Simple Animal Icons

simple animal icons

These simple animal icons are cartoon styles animals on plain coloured circular backgrounds. They are perfect for products designed for children because they are much more fun and playful than some other icons on the list.

Colorful Animal Icon Set

colorful animal icon set

This animal icon set uses fun cartoon designed animals on brightly coloured backgrounds. They are ideal for use in products designed for children, as stickers, decorations, logos, or app icons.

Flat Animal Face Icon Set

flat animal face icon set

This animal icon set consists of simple 2D animal cartoons on blue, yellow, and red backgrounds. These icons could be used for stickers, branding, advertising, various logos and labels.

Colorful Flat Animal Icons

colorful flat animal icons

These animal icons are simple and small animal cartoon pictures in bright colours. They can be used asembellishments on party invitations, app design elements, stickers, and digital collages.

Domestic Animal Icons

domestic animal icons

This animal icon set focuses on domestic animals such as cats and dogs, and uses simple blue Cartoon Icons figures on a white background. These icons could be used as stickers, as a warning symbol in parks or veterinary surgeries, or as labels on packaging.

Cartoon Animal Icons

cartoon animal icons

These cartoon animal icons are simple grey outlines of cartoon animals, such as whales, dogs, and fish. The simple design of these icons makes them ideal for use in things like packaging labels, door signs, product embellishment, and app design and development.

Farm Animal Icons

farm animal icons

High Resolution Animal Icon Set

high resolution animal icon set1

Free Animal Icons

free animal icons

Set of Colorful Icons

set of colorful icons

Animal Head Flat Icons

animal head flat icons

Free Round Animal Icons

free round animal icons

Round Animal Icons

round animal icons

Animal Face Drawing Icons

animal face drawing icons

Thin Line Flat Style Animal Icons

thin line flat style animal icons

Round Glossy Animal Icons

round glossy animal icons

White Animal Silhouette Icons

white animal silhouette icons

We are confident that this list will provide you with some of the best ideas and inspiration for animal icons so that you can create the best finish to your project. These animal icons are both creative and versatile, and there are so many different options that you are sure to find the set of icons for you.

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