Our Zodiac Sign can say a lot about us, our personality, our likes, interests and a host of other things. Basically, it is a symbol of who we are. But it is not easy for everyone to display forth their true personality. This is where a visual representation of our zodiac can be a way for us to give the world a little insight into our personality. Today we decided to enlist few tattoo designs focusing on Aquarius- the water bearers.

Zodiac Sign Aquarius Tattoo

zodiac sign aquarius tattoo


This cool tattoo is as simple as it looks. All you Aquarians out there, getting a tattoo isn’t that hard and this tattoo can be very appealing in spite of the simplicity of its design.

Aquarius Sleeve Tattoos

aquarius sleeve tattoo


Adorn your upper arm with a sweet Aquarius sleeve tattoo. You don’t even need to get an actual Aquarian design, instead, get something associated with Aquarius. A fish among water is the basis and then you can put in tribal designs to make it look more fancy and sophisticated.

Aquarius Tattoo Design For Men

aqaurius tattoo design for men


Aquarian men can flaunt some real cool designs with the Aquarius symbol. Anything remotely close to the Aquarius symbol can be used for this tattoo design. Here a jug is seen pouring out its contents onto a mandala like design, which could be much deeper than just plainly stating you are Aquarian.

Small Aquarius Wrist Tattoo

small aquarius wrist tattoo


A tiny Aquarius symbol that you can wear on your wrist without being very flamboyant. But a simple pattern on the wrist could do wonders for your image.

Aquarius Constellation Tattoo Design

aquarius constellation tattoo design


For those of you who do not find the Aquarius symbol cool enough, you should give the Aquarius constellation a look at. The quirky shape looks great on the forearm.

Aquarius Ankle Tattoo

ankle aquarian tattoo


Aquarius Tattoo for Boys

aquarius tattoo for boys


Shoulder Aquarius Tattoo Design

shoulder aquarius tattoo design


Nice wrist Tattoo Design

nice wrist tattoo design


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