The tattoo trend has been undergoing an exponential rise since the past few years, with artists experimenting with all sorts of inking techniques and artworks on human skin. Witchcraft has fascinated cultures over centuries with its originality and mark of taboo. While there would be millions of tattoo designs inked around the world, the following is a collection of some amazing witch tattoo designs to inspire your witchy side!

Witch Hat Tattoo

witch hat tattoo


Fan of the Harry Potter series and still secretly awaiting a letter from the Hogwarts Academy? How about showing off your fandom with a flying witch hat? Ensure you get all details done right here; the idea is to have it look trendy, not cartoon-tacky!

Evil Witch Tattoo

evil witch tattoo


Going the macabre way of how witches used to be portrayed earlier let this show your devotion to witchcraft and magic! People shunned witches a couple of centuries before; they’d totally adore a super-witchy tattoo like this at this age and time.

Witch Hand Tattoo Design

witch hand tattoo design


Popularly known as the sign of a witch’s blessing and protection from the evil eye, this one is for the more involved with the witchcraft art. The sign is formed by the first and second finger, along with the thumb pointing upwards, with the other two pointing downwards.

Flying Witch Tattoo Design

flying witch tattoo design


Another way to join the witchy club would be endorsing the witch on her magic broomstick flying out towards the moon on your arm! Imbue the tattoo with a soft cover of clouds and fog, and add a few stars here and there for that perfect witchy look.

Witch Hat and Broomstick Tattoo

witch hat and broomstick tattoo


An improvised version of the cross and hat symbol, this look revolves around incorporating trendy witchcraft elements for a super cool look to your arm. Add to it a twist of highlights and shades to end up with a witchy tattoo everybody around will be envious of!

Blue Color Girl Tattoo

blue color girl tattoo


Scary Half Sleeve Tattoo

scary half sleeve tattoo


Creepy Hand Tattoo on Leg

creepy hand tattoo on leg


Colorful Tattoo Design Idea

colorful tattoo design idea


Old Fashioned Hand Tattoo

old fashioned hand tattoo1


Dot Work Cat Tattoo

dot work cat tattoo


Unique Witch Tattoo for Women

unique witch tattoo for women


Witches have been called many evil things, accused of lust and business with the devil himself, and have been feared for centuries. But finally, people have let go of the baseless accusations and have accepted witchcraft and paganism as a unique form of religion. For those who truly believe in the strength and spiritual power of the witchcraft, or even those who fall in love with the magical symbols and their hidden meanings beneath, getting a witch tattoo might be one of the coolest ideas to show your devotion to the culture! Do let us know your opinions on the same in the comments below!

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