Thanks to the daring attitude in the fashion world, leather pants which were associated with bikers or rock stars have become a popular sighting! Celebrities including Gisele, Gigi Hadid, Gwyneth Paltrow and Zoe Saldana are ditching denim and replacing them with sleek leather pants. So go get your leather pants now! Highly trendy and chic! You can also pair your leather pants with a long t-shirt or a tailored blazer in a professional environment.

Faux Leather Leggings

Faux Leather Leggings Source

Leather pants are available in different silhouettes and styles. The look different and trendy is to have different styles and color. These high-quality faux leather leggings featuring a unique wrinkle design and the metal zipper will make you a biker chic.

Black Leather Pants Idea

Black Leather Pants Idea Source

Women with petite bodies can still wear high waist leather pant and look amazing. The trick to looking stunning every time is to find a leather pant with a cut that fits your body. Girls with a small body frame should pair their pants with a freely flowing top to create balance.

High Waist Leather Pants

High Waist Leather Pants Source

Comfortable, sexy and eye-catching, this high-waist leather pants takes the rockstar vibe to a whole new level. Pair this pant with heels to make a first impression to your dinner date. For walking around town, pair with wedges or sneakers.

Leather Trousers Outfit

Leather Trousers Outfit Source

When wearing a black leather trouser, the list is endless to what you can pair it with. Depending on your mood, occasion and style preference, you can go as far as pairing with a simple slouchy jumper or a sheer blouse. The shoes that you wear will also go a long way in creating that polished look.

Leather Skinny Pants Idea

Leather Skinny Pants Idea Source

Break up the dark color of leather by pairing with an animal print jacket. Suitable for a casual occasion, the gold pointy heels and the lace top portray a cool fashion street style that is both polished and modern to look. For a conservative look pair this leather pants with a loose fitting blouse.

Black Leather Trousers

Black Leather Trousers Source

Leather pants ooze confidence and demand attention everywhere you go. While they look good paired with any top, a floral top adds a feminine trait that makes a lady stand out. However, to avoid looking dramatic opt for a black colored shoe. This slouchy leather pant is perfect for an office environment.

Women’s Leather Pants

Womens Leather Pants Source

While black is the standard color on most leather pants, those in blue color are for those ladies with a daring fashion attitude. Get out of your usual style and opt to match a blue leather pant with a black leather strapless top. With this look, you will surely be the center of attraction.

Biker Leather Tight Pants

Biker Leather Tight Pants Source

A high-quality faux leather skirt is usually made using fabric that stretches and is easy to wash. This biker leather tight pant features ribbed knee panels which add to its attractiveness. The solid color makes it easier to pair with colored pumps or a punk t-shirt.

Stylish Leather Pant for Men

Stylish Leather Pant for Men Source

While men wearing leather pants are usually associated with a rock and roll attitude, more often than not it’s a cool trend that shows a person who has an edge towards fashion. For biker style, pair with a leather jacket and military boots. You may also see Casual Outfit Designs

Beautiful Leather Pant Outfit

Beautiful Leather Pant Outfit Source

Trendy Leather Trouser Idea

Trendy Leather Trouser Idea Source

Modern Skinny Fit Pant for Women

Modern Skinny Fit Pant for Women Source

Cool Leather Pant Outfit Idea

Cool Leather Pant Outfit Idea Source

Fashionable Shiny Leather Legging

Fashionable Shiny Leather Legging Source

Beautiful Leather Jegging for Women

Beautiful Leather Jegging for Women Source

Elegant Leather Outfit Idea

Elegant Leather Outfit Idea Source

Awesome Skinny Leather Pant

Awesome Skinny Leather Pant Source

Brown Leather Trouser Design

Brown Leather Trouser Design Source

Chic Leather Pant Idea

Chic Leather Pant Idea Source

Sleek leather pants and well fitting leggings are a hot trend. While leather pants can look intimidating for a person wearing leather for the first time, when paired with the right top and shoes they bring out a sophisticated and modern look. Whether for office or a casual date, leather pants are a must-have!

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