Surplice is no more considered a holy piece of clothing but holy mothers of fashion has it changed the way we see dresses! If all the dresses were to attend an award show Surplice will win the ‘Most comfortable’ with majority votes. Surplice have always been in trend but the recent highlights were the designs from the very recent Haute Couture Fashion week.

Allow us to give you 10 picture reasons why exactly do we love surplice slip dresses this much. Also check out our picks from Fashion Week

Lace Surplice Dress

lace surplice dress


This pretty red dress is all you need in your wardrobe under the ‘effortlessly beautiful’ shelf-tag. The meshwork is giving the needed fitting to the dress and you can pair it up with a full sleeve white top or a hat and some chunky jewellery.

Belted Surplice Outfit

belted surplice outfit1


This wrap dress is perfect for those hot afternoons when you just deny to move out. This dress will not only keep you ventilated but will also give you a reason to step out, to flaunt your dress.

Surplice Wrap Dress

surplice wrap dress

From brunch to a charity ball, this dress will take care of every event you wish to go to. The only caution is to pair it up with the right kind of accessories and shoes. Never mind researching a little before deciding your look for the day. This swag look is perfect for your friend’s engagement or your firm’s success party.

Surplice Maxi Dress

surplice maxi dress


If you are a fan of modern-mix-classic then this V-neck surplice gown design is definitely going to make you drool. Those waist embellishment is definitely the perfect thing we have ever seen. It is not a wedding dress with frills and laces but it will make sure that you are the most elegant bride ever. Dance your special day with this piece of love.

Floral Surplice Outfit

floral surplice outfit

This pretty pink floral dress is a must in your vacation bag since it can be a savior to attend so many unplanned events like a beach day out or shopping in the hot streets.

Blue and White Dotted Dress

blue and white dotted dress


Go retro with this beautiful polka skater surplice dress. A special shout out for that blue swan pin.

Purple and Blue Two Tone Surplice

purple and blue two tone surplice

Silk Dupioni Surplice Vintage Dress

silk dupioni surplice vintage dress

Vintage Leopard Print Mesh Layer Dress

vintage leopard print mesh layer dress

Light Pink Surplice Dress

light pink surplice dress

Step out and increase the temperature of every room you walk in with these Surplice dresses. Find the perfect dress for your body type and send us the photos for some inspiration.

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