We wear dresses as per our choice our moods and also the occasion. Some people prefer to keep their dressing simple and plain. That is they prefer to wear clothes without any design or pattern. While there are others who love to dress in vibrant colors and patterns.

While we dress we should follow one simple tip. This is simple and effective both. Whatever we wear whether it is plain or it is printed it should be worn according to our body shape.

Floral Printed Dress

Crochet pattern Wedding Dress Source

Floral Print Dress is elegant. Flowers can never die away they are always liked and preferred by everyone. Go for a mischievous detailed daisy print halter dress or slide into a passionate grove of roses. Take pleasure in the ambrosial light summer winds as you take a stroll on the beach in a floral sundress and sandals. In chilly weather, combine a dark floral print with an ivory wool coat and light -colored heels.

Crochet pattern Wedding Dress

Crochet pattern Wedding Dress Source

Summer is the season to get hooked and according to us, crochet gels well with all facets of the nuptials. A crochet dress looks good on every bride. They gel well with all body types. They look simple yet so classy.

Black and White Printed Dress

Black and White Printed Dress Source

This combination looks deadly. Every woman looks sexy in this combination. It can be a short knee length dress or may be a long gown. It can be with a slit or without it. A black and white dress can make anyone’s head turn around.

Leopard Printed Dress

Leopard Printed Dress Source

The leopard prints are in now. These are one of the crowd pullers in autumn. But to be the centre of attraction (in a correct sense); you have to know how to carry it out properly. Animal prints can add a bit of attitude and enthusiasm to your trousseau, and can look swanky when done in the proper way.

Rose Printed Dress

Rose Printed Dress Source

Rose printed dresses are very womanish. It looks good on a feminine body with right kind of curves. They look the best among women with towering heights. A rose print looks good with subtle colors in the base.

Peacock Printed Dress

Peacock Printed Dress Source

As the name suggests they look colorful and vibrant. They have to be on dark coloured base. Peacock prints look good on fair skinned women.

Old Navy Printed Wrap Dress

Old Navy Printed Wrap Dress Source

They look extremely well on women who are petite. This dress should be well fitted showing the curves. These outfits do not look that good on flabby bodies.

Bebe Long Printed Dress

Bebe Long Printed Dress Source

This is an ideal wear for party animals. These look extraordinarily beautiful and elegant and can make eyes and heads turn around.

Aztec Pattern Bodycon Dress

Aztec Pattern Bodycon Dress Source

They are available in various colors textures, patterns and also lengths. They look good on leggy lass.

Geo Pattern Sweater Dress

Geo Pattern Sweater dress Source

They are an ideal wear during winters as the name suggests. They are available as tops, dresses, gowns etc. Winters were never so attractive before.

Black Floral Printed Dress

Black Floral Printed Dress Source

Small Flower Printed Dress

Small Flower Printed Dress Source

Brown Printed Flower Dress

Brown Printed Flower Dresses Source

Short Trendy Printed Dress

Short Trendy Printed Dress Source

Gorgeous Long Frock Dress

Gorgeous Long Frock Dress Source

Diamond Print Black Dress

Diamond Print Black Dress Source

Dresses form an integral part of a woman’s clothing. There are hardly any women who do not have a fetish for dresses. A majority, we’re sure would agree that they have at least one dress in their closet. Because after toiling hard the entire week. We need to lay our hair down. And most of us do it by partying. So a dress or gown is a must for them.
There is hardly anyone left who would deny the fact that gowns or dresses are beautiful and a symbol of elegance.

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