A mermaid is a beautiful creature from the fairytales. Usually best described in Greek mythology as half a woman and half a sea creature who sings with a magic voice and attracts the sailors to lose their bearings. A mermaid gown dress has been inspired by the mermaid tails since its creation. This type of the beautiful gown will give you the look of a princess going to a wedding. Speaking about the wedding, isn’t there any better option than to chose a nice white mermaid gown for crucial day of your life?

Crystal Mermaid Gown

crystal mermaid gown

If you’re looking for a great wedding dress then you should consider this design. Women with curves should not avoid this kind of design – their dream wedding dress. Just take into account your own measures like the waistline. After that, make choice of materials, necklace, and shoes.

Formal Mermaid Gown Dress

formal mermaid gown dress


This dress gathers gorgeously. This is an excellent choice for a more formal occasion like bale at the ambassador’s residence or dinner with a businessman. You must take care about your body language, which in reality means bold movements in order to emphasize your hips.

Mermaid Gown with Sleeves

mermaid gown with sleeves


This kind of gown is featuring long transparent sleeves which are the best detail on this dress. With clean v-neck upper part, tidy bodice, to turn attention to your waist, this mermaid gown will shine. It is covered with crystal pieces. With scallop embroidery, it represents something the best money can buy.

Prom Mermaid Gown Dress

prom mermaid gown dress

The lower part is super funky and require only the best materials if you want this kind of appearance. We can’t think any better, but silk. Do you agree with us? A strapless dress is something which will turn the attention of every male on your shoulders. At the same time, this idea is camouflaging problem areas in the thighs area.

Black Mermaid Gown Idea

black mermaid gown idea

Just look at this cute and extraordinary black mermaid dress. For us, it is a representation of beautiful summer night wrapped around a beautiful woman.

Beaded Mermaid Gown

beaded mermaid gown

Every woman will want a dress like that. What is the best-beaded gown for a figure? If you are curvy, key points are: opt for a silhouette that defines you as a person, find the right cloth you are going to incorporate, pick the right neckline and pay attention to small details to complete the picture.

Mermaid Wedding Gown Idea

mermaid wedding gown idea


You can feel the texture of this original pattern. This is so good and chick. Your darling will recognize you from a mile away as this kind of dress will definitely enhance your body attributes like Elie Saab’s Bridal Gowns.

Mermaid Cocktail Gown

mermaid cocktail gown

Most attractive part of this dress is bodice with plenty of details. A complexity of design makes this dress great for a special occasion such as cocktail or dinner. It is crafted from several different fabrics like satin, mesh, French lace and similar. The top of the bodice is adorned with rhinestones. Every dame will look nice in this dress as it utilizes general design.

Fabric Mermaid Gown

fabric mermaid gown

This is one of the most popular dresses loved by every young lady. It provides such a glamorous angelic aura with its elegantly “girl power” designs featuring fitted bodice with implemented structure that flairs at the waist with a full skirt. A wide full skirt and small waist will make a dramatic change. Probably the best choice you can make, ideal for most body types because it can cover the lower body parts. Have a look at Red and Black Gowns.

Peacock Feather Mermaid Gown

peacock feather mermaid gown

Steampunk Mermaid Gown

steampunk mermaid gown

Gorgeous Green Mermaid Gown

gorgeous green mermaid gown


Strapless Prom Dress Mermaid Gown

strapless prom dress mermaid gown

Black and Silver Mermaid Gown

black and silver mermaid gown

While you are planning a wedding, finding something awesome and stylish that takes your breath away is a very hard job. You will feel good only with the material that feels good to you, so be careful while shopping the wedding gown. You are here to get a fabulous idea, but don’t panic if your body is not like those Fashion Week’s models.

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