Homecoming is the time where you need to shine and celebrate your school years by wearing the best dress. It is easy to get a homecoming dress, however getting the perfect dress that portrays your style is all about considering your body shape as well as picking a design that matches your fashion style. By wearing any of these beautiful homecoming dress designs you will surely make a lasting impression on your classmates in a tasteful way. You may also see Party Dress Designs

Short Homecoming Dresses

Short homecoming dresses are meant to show off your legs. They are sexy and comfortable to walk in as well as they make it easier for you to show off your dance moves. Short cocktail dresses will make your body look more proportional hence go for a color that complements your skin tone.

Short Lace Homecoming Dress

short lace homecoming dress

Black Homecoming Dresses

You can never go wrong by wearing the little black dress to homecoming. These dress designs complement any skin tones, match with all accessories and create the illusion of a slimmer figure. While you are free to pair black homecoming dresses with any shoe color, opt for a color that breaks the monotony. You may also see Evening Dress Designs

Black Velvet Homecoming Dress

black velvet homecoming dress

Long Sleeve Homecoming Dresses

If you need to draw less attention to your arms, then wear a homecoming dress with long sleeves. While long sleeve homecoming dresses will protect your skin from over exposure to sun and camouflage flaws especially for women who are not in their youth or physically fit; they should flatter your body shape. You may also see Quinceanera Dress Designs

Retro Long Sleeve Homecoming Dress

retro long sleeve homecoming dress

Lace Homecoming Dress Designs

Lace is the ideal material for wedding dresses; however, you can still opt for a cut that suits homecoming. For a sexy and feminine look, opt for a lace dress in white, jewel tones, pastel or light pink shades while avoiding sheer lace dresses. The trick is to look elegant and not trashy.

Casual Homecoming Dresses

Unlike prom, homecoming is all about semi-formal outfits, so casual dresses suit this event. They are perfect for homecomings which are to be held during spring or summer. A little black dress, vibrant cocktail dresses, short sleeveless A-line Sequin dresses, open back designs and suede short party dresses fit casual homecoming. You may also see Bridesmaid Dress Designs

Cool Casual Homecoming Dress

cool casual homecoming dress

Vintage Homecoming Dresses

When choosing Vintage homecoming dresses always consider which era you prefer so as to narrow down your options. These dresses are elegant and encourage recycling of material from one generation to another. Opt for those with a modern twist to make it easier to pair with accessories.

Camo Homecoming Dresses

Camo homecoming dresses are all about blending with the surrounding so if you want to blend in with people then opt for these dresses. You want to look stylish and not as a soldier so opts for figure hugging designs if you have an hourglass figure or a free flowing strapless camo dress.

Strapless Homecoming Dresses

Do you have toned arms? Then why not draw attention to your upper body by wearing one of a kind strapless homecoming dress. What’s great about these types of gowns is that you can pair with a statement necklace to draw attention to your neck while making it appear longer and slimmer.

Sequin Homecoming Dress Designs

Sequin Homecoming Dress designs link elegant vintage with modern glam. Your sequin dress will be the center of attraction so keep it simple with other accessories and let its sparkle be the make a fashion statement. Go for V-neck sequin dresses in black or white color and pair with accessories that lack glitters.

Short Sequin Homecoming Dress

short sequin homecoming dress

Floral Homecoming Dresses

If you love to look girly, then floral homecoming dresses are perfect for you. They will easily depict your femininity so go for strapless cuts or those who are above the knees. Vibrant and bold patterns will suit those who need their dress to pop; so pair with leather heels.

Formal Homecoming Dresses

Formal homecoming dresses are usually floor length especially for white tie and black tie requirements. They come in a wide variety of colors to complements all hairstyles and skin tone. Opt for dresses in chiffon, silk for summer homecomings and velvet for colder weather in designs such as a mermaid, princess or ball gown cuts.

Formal Long Sleeve Homecoming Dress

formal long sleeve homecoming dress

Beaded Homecoming Dresses

Beaded homecoming dresses have a sparkle that will make you stand out from the crowd. These dresses look glamorous when paired with metallic jewelry like those in tones of gold and silver. If you prefer a subtle look, then opt for a beaded black dress and match with metallic high heels or wedges.

Beaded Homecoming Two Piece Dress

beaded homecoming two piece dress


Mermaid Homecoming Dresses

Mermaid homecoming dresses tend to have a fitted bodice and a flared knee to give a fish tail image. It is perfect for ladies with an hour glass figure and should be worn with seamless undergarments. Opt for mermaid dresses in lightweight materials such as silk and satin to make it easier to dance.

Blue Mermaid Homecoming Dress

blue mermaid homecoming dress

Puffy Homecoming Dress Designs

Puffy dresses have always been a staple design for young girls. However, even mature women can still wear these designs to homecoming in a playful yet elegant way. Go for those dresses that mix solid colors and pair with a denim jacket or those with a different design at the top.

Long Puffy Homecoming Dress

long puffy homecoming dress

Tulle Homecoming Dresses

Tulle Homecoming dresses look like ballerina outfits or bridal veils whereby they are practical and exude a fairytale image. To prevent you from looking like a school girl pair with leather jackets, or sleeveless denim jacket to create a feminine yet edgy style. Tulle dresses with corsets give it a sexy vibe.

Floral Tulle Homecoming Dress

floral tulle homecoming dress

Bodycon Homecoming Dresses

Bodycon homecoming dresses cling to your body from the top to bottom, so pair with high heeled stilettos to depict a feminine vibe. Add brightly colored stockings or contrasting belt to break up the monotony of a bodycon dress.

Homecoming Importance and Tips for Selecting a Dress

Homecoming is usually a time for a high school or colleges to welcome back old alumni and celebrate their career success. It is a semi-formal event so you can go with either a full-length gown or short depending on the season and your dress preference. For girls, homecoming is a time to present themselves as sophisticated individuals so choose a dress that will portray your best features, complement your body and skin tone while camouflaging your flaws.

With many homecoming dresses available to date, your ideal gown should match the theme or location of your homecoming. The right dress should show off skin without over exposing your body. It should also be comfortable to dance with and move around. Whatever homecoming dress you pick to ensure it makes a lasting first impression.

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