You can always count on the little black dress to help you dress properly for both formal as well as casual occasions. This dress is elegant, sexy, timeless and creates a slimmer silhouette making it a must have for ladies of all ages. Although the little black dress is the perfect wear for making a statement, you need a cut that will flatter your body shape. Read on to find different dress designs to suit every figure.

Vintage Little Black Dresses

Want a dress that will never go out of style? Then go for vintage little black dresses. You can balance your old to modern look by wearing this dress with metallic jewelry or add a bright kimono to give it a boho look.

Vintage Lace Little Black Dress

vintage lace little black dress1

Little Black Lace Dresses

Lace is the ideal fabric for creating a girly vibe making lace little black dresses feminine. You can further give your whole look a feminine appeal by pairing this dress with lace high heels and styling your hair into a sleek ponytail.

Little Black Long Sleeve Lace Dress

little black long sleeve lace dress

Little Black Lace Cocktail Dress

little black lace cocktail dress


Long Sleeve Little Black Dresses

Long sleeve little black dresses are for girls who would rather camouflage their arms. These dress designs suit women with broad shoulders and flabby arms as they create the illusion of a slimmer arms. Opt for a knee length hemline to put more focus on your legs instead. You may also See White Dress Designs

Little Black Cocktail Dresses

The little black cocktail dress is perfect for attending a late afternoon or evening event. To avoid displaying body flaws, wear a dress that fits your body type and use accessories to keep the illusion of an hourglass figure.

Little Black Tulip Cocktail Dress

little black tulip cocktail dress


Strapless Little Black Dresses

Do you have toned slender arms? If yes, then why not show off your arms by going for strapless little black dresses! For a classic look, pair with a statement necklace, subtle earrings and a bold red lip. Wear this dress during summer.

Strapless Little Black party Dress

strapless little black party dress

Casual Little Black Dresses

The best way to turn your little black dress into a casual wear is with the right accessories. Bold colored necklaces, brightly colored sandals or adding a pendant necklace will give your dress a day to day fun look.

Business Casual Little Black Dress

business casual little black dress

Casual Little Chic Black Dress

casual little chic black dress

Little Black Skater Dresses

The skater design is a trendy dress right now so what better way to embrace the look than with little skater black dresses. Its ability to fit the top perfectly and flare slightly at the bottom together with the black color gives it a slimming effect. You May also See Red Dress Designs

Little Mistress Black Skater Dress

little mistress black skater dress

Little Black Halter Dresses

Little black dresses with halter necklines are very sexy and elegant. Suitable for ladies who want to show off their upper body, this dress looks good on individuals with straight and hourglass figures. Just ensure your straps are comfortable and don’t irritate the skin.

Little Black Halter Neck Dress

little black halter neck dress

Little Black Leather Dresses

Sexy and glamorous, little black leather dresses are a must have for any woman who is fashion conscious. Up your styling game by going for a dress with a front slit or low draped cut and pair with a bright waist belt to break the monotony.

Little Black Bodycon Dresses

Little black bodycon dresses have a figure hugging element that makes them perfect for women with an hourglass figure. The clinging material will emphasize the thin waist, proportion curvy hips, and chest.

Sleeveless Little Black Bodycon Dress

sleeveless little black bodycon dress

Little Black Party Dresses

From office party, Christmas party to New Year gathering with friends, you need the right little black dress for all the parties you will attend. The dark color of the dress makes it ideal for evening events. Add a colorful brooch for daytime events. You may also See Christmas Dress Designs

Strapless Little Black Party Dress

strapless little black party dress1

Little Black Prom Dresses

Do you want a prom dress that will commemorate that special day? Then wearing a little black dress will help you stand out from the group. From floral prints, bold cut outs to lace, there are many designs from which you can choose the little black dress.

Little Black Prom Dress with Sleeves

little black prom dress with sleeves1

Little Black Sequin Dresses

Little black sequin dresses have sparkles that make them attention-grabbing. So keep both your makeup and accessories subtle to help the dress stand out. Suitable for ladies who love a girly look, you can wear this dress even to a costume party.

Sparkling Little Black Sequin Dress

sparkling little black sequin dress

Little Black Evening Dresses

Little black evening dresses are usually floor length and those for formal occasions tend to have long sleeves. Petite women should wear this dress design with a hemline that is at the ankles and pair with high heels or cute wedges.

Little Black Shift Dresses

When it comes to simplicity, little black shift dresses top the list. They have little or no detailing, giving you the freedom to experiment with any accessory with embellishment. These dresses skim curves hence camouflaging body areas with unpleasant bulge.

Little Black Shift Chiffon Dress

little black shift chiffon dress1

Formal Little Black Dresses

Whether for prom or homecoming, formal little black dresses are slimming, simple and portray a sophisticated vibe. Even though long gowns are the ideal wear, calf length look good on women who are short. Add a pearl necklace to complete your formal look.

Formal Little black Wrap Dress

formal little black wrap dress

Little Black Wrap Dresses

Versatile and comfortable, little black wrap dresses will flatter any body shape. Make you black dress more interesting by pairing with contrasting belt color. For summer, opt for a dress in light fabrics such as cotton and linen.

Little Black Wrap Around Dress

little black wrap around dress


Little Black Velvet Dresses

Little black velvet dresses are suitable for winter, and the luxurious fabric makes it ideal for special occasions. A simple black clutch with metallic heels will make you look fashion forward.

Little Girl Black Velvet Dress

little girl black velvet dress

Little Black Dresses For Homecoming

When not sure about which dressing code will complement the homecoming atmosphere or theme then wearing a little black dress will ensure you look proper. Pair with a white or floral boyfriend blazer.

Little Black Beaded Homecoming Dress

little black beaded homecoming dress

Little Black Wedding Dresses

Not interested in traditional wedding dresses? You will stand out by wearing little black wedding dresses. Comfortable and stylish, this dress will slim you down.

Little Black Wedding Guest Dress

little black wedding guest dress1

About Black Specialty and Tips

The little black dress dates way back in the 1920s, yet it continues to be trendy even today. It’s versatile, classic and tends to fit in almost all occasion. While every lady can wear the little black dress, you need to choose the right design according to what you want to show off. A knee length hemline is for drawing attention towards your sexy legs while sleeveless is for putting more focus on your upper body.

While black dresses are favorite to most women because of their slimming effect, the little black dress is the most versatile outfit. You can brighten up the dark color with accessories or give it an elegant trait by pairing with black heels. Whether you love gothic or girly fabrics, the little black dress fits all styles.

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