These dresses have different design elements and structure compared to the regular outfit. The best way to look for a balloon is to check for the hemline at the bottom of the dress. They could make the best of beach wedding dresses. This style has been in vogue since the 50’s era. This is an elaborate style of evening wear and is suitable for knee length dresses.

Black Balloon Dress Design

Black Balloon Dress Design Source

A black, off shoulder, polka dots in white dress on a black balloon dress will make any younger ladies look sassy and sexy. These knee length balloon dresses have a retro appeal.

Balloon Bottom Dress

Balloon Bottom Dress Source

A magenta colored balloon dress with a long v-neckline looks good for cocktail parties. You can sport this dress and hold on to a bling clutch and a straight-laced hair style. This is one of the bold dress designs with not too much of detailing.

Balloon Wedding Dress

Balloon Wedding Dress Source

A beautiful light blue balloon dress that is full length and has a lot of flare. The hemline at the bottom gives the apt texture of a balloon dress. You could also try the ribbon dress for ceremonies and formal events.

Balloon Hem Dress Design

Balloon Hem Dress Design Source

This is an off-shoulder, strapless dress in blue color with thin white stripes. A convertible dress that can convert from a full length to a midi, looks good on all kinds of body types. You can wear wedges along with this dress.

Ruffle Balloon Dress Idea

Ruffle Balloon Dress Idea Source

This is a draped style balloon dress in black color. Wear lacy stocking and high heeled ankle boots along with this dress. A good choice for evening dresses for younger women. Though, yellow is the new black, black still seems to be a safe bet for the choice of color in evening garments.

Balloon Dress for Prom

Balloon Dress for Prom Source

Women with a thin waistline can try this bright red dress with drapes on the bust line and balloon hemlines layered at the bottom. This is a short dress in taffeta material that is suitable for high-end cocktail parties.

Twisting Balloon Dress Design

Twisting Balloon Dress Design Source

A black dress with draped panels looks great on women of any age with an hour glass figure. This is for women who want to stand out as this dress speaks volumes in the department of style and elegance. Made in silk, the pleats add to the style of this dress.

Long Balloon Sleeve Dress

Long Balloon Sleeve Dress Source

This is a full length dress with floral prints and balloon sleeves. This is a Victoria style dress with no cinching at the waist. You can try this dress on a tropical holiday. Avoid wearing this dress on any other casual day.

Formal Balloon Dress Design

Formal Balloon Dress Design Source

A beautiful formal balloon style knee length dress with white corsages on the neckline looks great on any younger women. The hemline is so elegantly stitched on to this dress; you could pass it off as a sheath dress.

Red Balloon Dress Design Idea

Red Balloon Dress Design Idea Source

A sleeveless red balloon dress in peach red color suits women of any skin tone. Right from fairer to olive skin tone, this color and the style of dress could suit women of all age groups. You can accessorize this look with metallic and stone wrist watch or bracelet.

Black and White Balloon Dress

Black and White Balloon Dress Source

Mini Balloon Dress Idea

Mini Balloon Dress Idea Source

White Balloon Dress

White Balloon Dress Source

Simple Balloon Dress Design

Simple Balloon Dress Design Source

Trendy Balloon Outfit Idea

Trendy Balloon Outfit Idea Source

Balloon Sleeves Mini Dress

Balloon Sleeves Mini Dress Source

Vintage Style Balloon Sleeve Dress

Vintage Style Balloon Sleeve Dress Source

Blue Color Balloon Shirt Idea

Blue Color Balloon Shirt Idea Source

Fall outfits fit into this style of dressing. There are many more design elements, such as hemlines, ruffles, and pleats that look good on a dress. When choosing colors, use the color red sparingly for dresses unless and until you want to make a bold statement.

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