When it comes to choosing the best formal outfit, a suit will definitely rank top. A man in a well-fitting suit exudes confidence, success and oomph! This simple wardrobe choice will make a man look sharp whether in the office or when attending a wedding. Just because a suit frames your body doesn’t mean that you can wear it on every occasion. In this list, we have different types of suit designs for men to wear in various events.

Formal Suit Designs for Men

Black is the perfect color for a formal suit for men. However, you can interchange with a navy suit which goes with almost every shirt color in your closet. You can wear a formal suit design to a wedding, funeral, cocktail party or even work setting and you will still look presentable.

Hugoboss Blue Formal Suit Design

hugoboss blue formal suit design

Designer Sweat Suits for Men

From Gucci to Armani, Adidas to Nike there are many unique designer sweat suits for men of any age. These suits are made using the best quality breathable material such as cotton, polyester, and elastane. They are also flexible, durable, comfortable and absorb moisture quickly make it easier to walk around all day.

Designer Wedding Suits for Men

Whether you are the groom, father of the bride or best man, a well-fitting designer wedding suit will help you celebrate this special day while looking elegant. For summer go for a linen patterned or plaid suit. Cotton khaki suits are less formal than wool so choose a tuxedo in these materials.

Coat Suit Designs for Men

A man should go for a coat suit designs that flatter his body shape. A two button suit jacket complements all body types; one-button coats will look stunning on slim men while three buttons should be worn by taller men with a large chest size. For a formal event choose a double breasted coat.

Gioberti Coat Suit for Men

gioberti coat suit for men

White Designer Suits for Men

The best time to wear white designer suits is during summer or an outdoor event. The white color makes this suit designs for men more casual and for making a fashion statement hence should be avoided in a work environment. Pair this suit with shirts in soft pastels and keep the tie simple.

White Designer Linen Suit for Men

white designer linen suit for men

Safari Suit Designs for Men

A safari suit is made for the sole purpose of going to Africa for a vacation or hunting. The 1970s fashion style inspired this cloth and it features multiple or big patch pockets which give it functionality purposes and comes in khaki as well as other colors. It’s suitable for warm seasons.

Black Suit Designs for Men

Most men go for black suits because it feels safe and complements all skin tones. Fair skinned guys should match black suit designs with gray or muted tie colors. When wearing this suit colors to ensure it’s a fitted silhouette while accessories should be simple yet classy. Pair with well-shined black shoes.

Vintage Black Suit Designs for Men

vintage black suit designs for men

Modern Black Suit Designs for Men

modren black suit designs for men


Suit with Vest Designs for Men

Suits designs with vest are popular with youths, but mature men can still rock this look in an attractive way. Vest suit design for men should be in a length that covers the waist, and the bottom button should be unbuttoned. Wear this vest design to a black and tie formal occasion.

Nigel Cabourn Vest Design for Men

nigel cabourn suit designs for men with vest1

Plaid Vest Designs  for Men

suit plaid designs for men with vest1

Men’s Skinny Suit Designs

Skinny suit designs for men portray a sleek, fashion-conscious and daring individual. While classic suit designs leave enough space between the garment and your body; skinny suits are tight. They feature less one or two jacket buttons as well as a fitted silhouette that accentuate a man’s waist and chest.

Professional Suit Designs for Men

professional suit designs for men


Men’s Plaid Suit Designs

If you prefer suits that show pattern, then go for a plaid suit and wear it with style. To look classy then pair a gray plaid suit with a white shirt which breaks the monochromes busy pattern. Pair with a neutral light blue tie or mix plaid patterns that complement each other.

Prom Suit Designs for Men

Prom is the ideal occasion to wear your single button suit with a waistcoat design. Go for formal black suit and pair with a white shirt, black tie and French style cuffs to look sharp. The suit jacket will look classy if it has peaked lapels in black satin.

Stylish Prom Suit Design for Men

stylish prom suit design for men


Men’s Blue Suit Designs

While there are different shades of blue, when choosing blue suit designs for men vibrant colors portray a fun personality and are suitable for summer. For a classic and elegant style, opt for navy blue suits. In case you need to transition into a night event then go for mid-tone shades of blue.

Official Men Blue Suit Design

official men blue suit design

Men Blue Checked Suit Design

men wool blue suit design

Men’s Linen Suit Designs

During warm weather, wear linen suit designs for men during social gatherings. While it is easy to pair a linen suit with either a white or gray shirt color you can opt to wear a t-shirt instead for a casual look. When it comes to shoes, stick to neutral colors.

Vintage Mens Linen Suit Design

vintage mens linen suit design


Men Linen Blend Suit Design

men linen blend suit design

Men’s Casual Suit Designs

When it comes to picking casual suit designs, suits in bold colors such as pink, white or green have a relaxed and fun appeal. Wear trainers in neutral colors, a polo shirt or a crew neck t-shirt and pair with bold accessories such as a gold watch or braided leather belt.

Navy Men’s Casual Suit Design

navy ecru mens casual suit design

Men’s Smart Casual Suit Design

mens smart casual suit design


Vintage Suit Designs for Men

Men have different suit designs options and giving your suit a vintage vibe will show your top-notch styling skills. Waistcoats have a vintage element, and you can easily layer it under a jacket during winter. Match your suspenders to the color of the suit or shoes. Suits in a rustic fabric scream vintage.

Vintage Wedding Suit Design for Men

vintage wedding suit design for men


Men’s Tweed Suit Designs

Tweed suit designs for men feature rugged fabric patterns which are resistant to harsh weather elements such as the wind and is mostly associated with college professors. This type of suit is ideal for sports as well as outdoor games such as tennis, mountain climbing, golf, and cycling. Wear your tweed suit during winter or as a casual outfit.

Men’s Tweed Suit Coat Design

mens tweed suit coat design

Men’s Floral Suit Designs

While floral suit designs for men show a beach or holiday vibe, a modern guy can totally pull off wearing floral prints and still look suave. If you are still unsure about this suit style, then start off by pairing your standard colored suits with a floral tie and white shirt.

Men’s Floral Black Suit Design

mens floral black suit design

Modern Suit Designs for Men

All men should own two pairs of modern suits in black and gray colors which comes in handy when you need to look sleek and classy for any formal event. The suits should be a two-button with a trimmer fit that flatters a man’s natural body frame, and the pant length should reach the shoes.

Azar Modern Suit Design for Men

azar modern suit design for men

Unique Modern Suit Design for Men

uniqu modern suit design for men

Business Suit Designs for Men

Whether for an interview or board meeting, business suit designs for men are sleek and depict a sharp yet stylish personality. Wear black, blue or gray suits and pair with a tie which is a bit lighter than the shirt and that reaches the top of a belt. Black leather shoes compliment a business suit.

POSHAWN Business Suit Designs for Men

poshawn business suit designs for men

Custom Services Business Suit Design for Men

custom services business suit design for men

Black and gray are the popular suits for formal events and can be easily dressed down to fit an evening casual event. A two button suit designs for men tends to complement all body frames and wool is the perfect suit material for cold weather. For summer and spring weddings, linen and cotton are more breathable materials. For a modern look, go for suits with slim notch lapel and stick to well-polished leather shoes and soles.

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