This hair style is synonymous with the most popular Hollywood actor, John Travolta. These hairstyles have been popularized by the rebellious rockers and biker boys. Since the 1950’ these comb over face haircut has been popular.

This is a typical rockabilly style in men’s fashion. Hair sleeked back in a comb style and a jelly on gives a total rock and roll appeal. These are hairstyles that have created legacies from those who were called Greasers in the 50’s.

David Beckham Comb Greaser Hairstyle

david beckham messy comb greaser hairstyle

This is a debonair look of hair pushed back and jellied. Suits men in suits and those who love the classy, urban look clubbed with the latest style in footwear.

Zachary Quinto Greaser Hairstyle

zachary quinto greaser hairstyles

This American actor and producer look on par in this evergreen greaser hairstyle. These greaser hairstyle ideas never go out of fashion.

Brad Pitt Greaser Undercut Hairdo

brad pitt greaser undercut hairdo

This is a total badass rockabilly rumble on the stroll of hairdos. Brad Pitt is now a Brat Pitt donning this uber chic hairstyle. You may also see Mohawk Hairstyles for Men

Zayn Malik Curly Greaser Hairstyle

zayn malik curly greaser hairstyle

With the sides of hair toned and the top blown into a greaser curl, this is a hairstyle suitable for young boys. This hair looks messy yet closely clipped. With a streak of blonde on the coffee brown hair, this hairstyle gives a cool and a tapered look.

Justin Bieber Greaser Quiff Haircut

justin bieber greaser quiff haircut

This is the signature hairstyle of Justin Beiber. This quiff on the top with the faded haircut on the side suits the teenage boys. This texture of the hairdo can create some drama for straight as well as curly hair.

Justin Timberlake Pompadour Greaser Hairstyle

justin timberlake pompadour greaser hairstyle

This cool and casual greaser blends into the longer side hair colored in copper, suits middle-aged men. Those who do not want to experiment too much but still retain their rebellious streak can have this hairstyle. This is a discreet hairstyle and gives a neat and polished look.

Chris Evans Short Greaser Hairstyle

chris evans short greaser hairstyle

Men who are balding from the sides can have this hairstyle. It pushes all the hair back and gives a view of a neat hairline on the forehead. Casuals and formals, both go well with this hairstyle. If you are not a fan of finger combed quiff, try this style.

Adam Levine Fohawk Greaser Haircut

adam levine fohawk greaser haircut

Don’t color that Mohawk! This greaser haircut brings out the casual and rock chic punk in you. Suitable for club wear and casual clothing, men of all ages can have this hairstyle. The disheveled quiff is for the boy next door geek who likes to take a peek into fashion at times.

Aaron Tveit Thick Greaser Haircut

aaron tveit thick greaser haircut

This style screams of rock and casual, and all in a single row. This hairstyle is suitable for bikers and rockers who have mellowed down. This is suitable for men in their early twenties. If you have naturally curly hair, you can go for this greaser style.

Matthew Bomer Greaser Hairstyle

matthew bomer greaser hairstyle

Men with a long face and a thin visage can have this greaser hairstyle. You could be of any age, wearing a denim shirt and a casual trouser. Wearing moccasins, this is the kind of hairstyle that suits you the most. This is good for people who have a short curly haircut and want to style it the greaser way. You may also see Short Curly Haircuts

Faded Greaser Haircut Idea

faded greaser haircut idea


Slicked Back Greaser Hair

slicked back greaser hair


Greaser Haircut for Thin Hair

simple thin greaser hair


Side Shaved Greaser Hairstyle

side shaved greaser hairstyle


For those who love their messy hair pushed back or in a faux mohawk, can try a bunch of quiff hairstyle ideas. Right from the spiky look to the Pompadour, you can experiment with a host of styling products in place. Combining quiffs with fades has been in vogue. Teenage boys to middle-aged men have tried it all and looked their best.

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