A bedroom is a very personal, intimate space, which provides a degree of design autonomy, which may be not be possible in other, shared spaces of the house. However, a married couple do not have individual decorating freedom. If a husband wants a traditional style bedroom and the wife’s preference is for contemporary or vice versa, it is time for a compromise.

Nice Transitional Bedroom Design

nice transitional bedroom design


Transitional Design in Master Bedroom

transitional design in master bedroom

Photo By: Stephani Buchman

Transitional Bedroom Boasts Symmetrical Idea

transitional bedroom boasts symmetrical design


That’s where a transitional design comes in. However, transitional design is not about just having design elements from two separate eras, which may clash. The idea is to select design features, which do not overtly belong to either style and in fact complement each other. This creates an aesthetically harmonious bedroom ambiance to the satisfaction of both partners.

Transitional Bedroom Boasts Tasteful

transitional bedroom boasts tasteful design


Neutral Bedroom With Large Window

transitional neutral bedroom with large window

Designed by Jason Champion

Bedroom With Tufted Furniture

transitional bedroom with tufted furniture


Transitional Bedroom Boasts Blue Patterned Bedding

transitional bedroom boasts blue patterned bedding


Transitional Bedroom With X-Base Bench

transitional bedroom with x base bench

Designed by Jason Champion

You might select a bed from around the time modern bed designs were being created. It will not be ultra-modern or minimalist neither will it have an ornate headboard and canopy. The same goes for other pieces of furniture. Wardrobes and cabinets can be of painted wood, which gives it a neutral style while retaining its innate elegance and functionality.

Royal Transitional Master Bedroom

royal transitional master bedroom


Small Traditional Neutral Bedroom

small traditional neutral bedroom

Designed by Jason Champion

Relaxing Transitional Bedroom with Fire Place

relaxing transitional bedroom with fire place


Bedroom With Over Sized Window

transitional bedroom with oversized window


Transitional Bedroom With Brown and Blue Color Scheme

transitional bedroom with brown and blue color scheme

Photo By: Alise O’Brien

Pink Teen Girl’s Bedroom Design

pink transitional teen girls bedroom design


Blue Transitional Bedroom Design

blue transitional bedroom design1


Yellow Transitional Guest Bedroom Design

yellow transitional guest bedroom design


Transitional Bedroom With Soft Gray Design

transitional bedroom with soft gray design


Cool White Spacious Bedroom Design

cool white transitional bedroom design


Elegant Gray Master Bedroom

elegant gray transitional bedroom design


Vibrant Large Transitional Bedroom Design

vibrant large transitional bedroom design


Awesome Bedroom Decorate Plan

awesome transitional bedroom design


Cool Orange Transitional Bedroom Idea

cool orange transitional bedroom design


Bright Gray Transitional Bedroom Model

bright gray transitional bedroom design


Nice Pink Transitional Bedroom Design

nice pink transitional bedroom design


Golden Accent Transitional Bedroom

golden accent transitional bedroom design


Pale Blue Transitional Bedroom Model

pale blue transitional bedroom design


For upholstery, drapes and curtains, you might avoid prints and instead convert texture and patterns into design features. Wooden floors are essentially evergreen, with basic differences in patterns and colors over both design categories. You can also have a rug that is neutral in design and still matches the overall color scheme of the master bedroom.

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