Minimalist designs are for those who dislike the cluttered and overdone interiors. The following minimalist bedroom designs will give you serious bedroom goals. Below is a list of some of the awesome minimalist bedroom designs, enjoy! You may also see transitional bedroom designs.

Minimalist Bedroom Furniture Design

minimalist bedroom furniture design

Design by : Phan Nguyen

This modern minimalist bedroom contains the luxurious minimalist furniture, featuring wooden walls and wooden flooring. The bed has gray bedding and several flower vases and a gray recliner.

Asian Minimalist Bedroom Design

asian minimalist bedroom design

This is a contemporary bedroom with a minimalist design, beige curtains, full wall to wall carpet in beige, wall fitting design in gold and mood lights. The room also has a large white recliner and nightstands. It also features a small bench at the end of the bed in the color beige which matches with the whole décor of the room. You may also see coral bedroom designs.

Contemporary Minimalist Bedroom Design

contemporary minimalist bedroom design

This is a contemporary bedroom with a minimalist design using the colors black and white for decoration. The room is in a suite style and has a gas fireplace, a silver ceiling fan, wall accessories in black. The design of the room is neat, clean and open with relaxing furniture.

Japanese Minimalist Bedroom Furniture

japanese minimalist bedroom furniture

This is a Japanese style bedroom with minimalist furniture in beige and features night tables, lamp hangs, very light curtains etc. The colors used in the bedroom create an elegant, intimate and tranquil ambiance. It features two lamps at two sides of the bed which are hanging and in color white.

Minimalist Small Bedroom Design

minimalist small bedroom design

This is a modern bedroom and is small with minimalist design décor. The bed is of queen size, is sleek and comfortable. The bedroom has strictly minimalist furniture ranging from a vanity with mirror, two lamps at the sides of the bed, a large rug placed next to the bed and a wall frame.

Minimalist Bedroom Interior Design

minimalist bedroom interior design


This minimalist bedroom features a sleek queen-sized bed with a white line, very stylish bedside lamps in black that hangs from above. It has white wardrobes with gray walls that have a slightly rustic finish. The flooring is of hardwood and has feature lights fixed in the ceiling in color black.

Master Bedroom Minimalist Design

master bedroom minimalist design

This is a master bedroom with a minimalist design featuring medium tone wooden walls, gray polished shiny floors. It is a mix of contemporary décor with a warm setting and thus wooden hues have been adopted to create that kind of look.

Small Space Bedroom Design

small space bedroom design

This cute bedroom designed in a small space has a minimalist design in modern style. The bed consists of several cushions in white and the linen in gray color. The floors are gray tiles along with a gray round shaped rug and two side tables in the sides of bed.

Attractive Minimalist Bedroom Design

attractive minimalist bedroom design


Green Wall Minimalist Bedroom Design

green wall minimalist bedroom design

Amazing Minimalist Bedroom Design

amazing minimalist bedroom design

Design by : Omar Essam

Trendy Minimalist Bedroom Decor

trendy minimalist bedroom decor

Beautiful Minimalist Bedroom Design

beautiful minimalist bedroom design


Black & White Minimalist Bedroom Design

black white minimalist bedroom design


Creative Minimalist Bedroom Idea

creative minimalist bedroom idea


Minimalist bedroom designs are for those with the love for all things modern, simple and organized. The colors used in minimalist bedroom designs generally range between gray, beige, white etc. While designing a minimalist bedroom, you may have to careful between what is just enough and what is not.

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