Luxury has always held a strong connection and admiration with home design, and it is hard not to be curious. With the finest decor and dynamic design, the bedroom is one space in the home that is outfitted with utmost sophistication, as it is the very place where you will lay your head every night.

Today, we are broadening your horizons of luxury home decor with these 10 bedroom designs that will place you in close touch with the world that is generally considered out of reach.

1. Grey and Silver Bedroom

grey and silver bedroom


Designed by Mauritz Snyman, this elegant room uses soft and modest tones of grey and silver to create a luxurious and sparkling feel. Right from the ultra modern chandelier, placed perfectly above the bed to silver grey carpet that practically soothes your bare feet, this bedroom is nothing but a reminiscent of perfection.

2. Cavern Style Master Bedroom

cavern style master bedroom

This master bedroom is built in the beautiful cavernous style. With a cathedral look, wood beam ceiling, hardwood floor and extensive woodwork, the bedroom reflects the elegance and timeless charm with the architecture and furnishing.

3. Colourful Bedroom Design

colourful bedroom design


Having a luxurious bedroom doesn’t necessarily mean having a neutral colour palette. This colourful bedroom designed by Andrea Mayadewi brings in the cheer with citrusy shades like yellow and purple. The room enjoys plenty of colour reflected beautifully with natural light.

4. Minimal and Luxurious

minimal and luxurious

This contemporary bright and luxurious bedroom is minimally furnished, laying emphasis on the space and the view. With an elegant bed in deep blue and complimentary bedding placed in the right position of the large arched windows that provide an unobstructed view of the beautiful lake.

5. Graphical and Expressive

graphical and expressive


Designed by Elvin Shirinov, this bedroom is outfitted with a large oversized tree that makes the bed the focal point in the room. With chocolate brown bedding and neutral walls, the bedroom exhibits a touch of royalty with stunning vanity and metal accents.

6. Padded Bedroom Design

padded bedroom design

It is the padded headboard and the panelled wall that make the room stand out with its simple and sophisticated design. Lover seats placed right in front of the bay window area with the fireplace is what gives the elegant a pinch of cosy. Plants spread and decorated throughout the room create a fresh and pleasant ambience.

8. Comprehensive Elegant Bedroom

comprehensive elegant bedroom


This luxury bedroom designed by Hüseyin Sedef offers features that extend beyond the conventional bedroom. With an elevated bed that gives the impression of climbing into a throne, an expression synonymous with royalty. The bedroom also includes a huge private bath that is for sure the best way to soak and relax in the palm of luxury.

9. Modern Luxurious Bedroom

modern luxurious bedroom

Designed by ZE Workroom Studio the bedroom celebrates luxury in an authentic fashion. With dark wood accents and carefully crafted storage system, the bedroom is certainly what modern luxury is about.

10. Ocean View Bedroom Design

ocean view bedroom design

Taking advantage of the million dollar ocean view, the bedroom includes sliding glass doors and a large patio that overlooks the ocean. With a view like this, the bedroom is kept minimally furnished with a bed, TV and L-shaped sofa.

After looking at the list, we are certain, you would agree that it is certainly difficult to say no to such tranquillity and luxury.

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