Dull and drab cubicles are now a thing of the past. As we spend major hours of our day in the office, some companies decided to value the time devoted by their employees with spectacular architecture and fun interiors. To put an end to your ordinarily designed office boredom, we have today compiled a list of 10 offices that are designed to inspire, stimulate and definitely impress.

1. Selgas Cano Architecture – Madrid, Spain

selgas cano architecture

Selgas Cano Architecture studio is located in the woods in Madrid-Spain. Acting not just as an unusual delight for the onlooker, the studio is a very inspiring place to work even for the employees. One-half of the office space is underground and the other half is covered with a glass ceiling. Along with bringing the staff close to nature, the studio offers a fantastic view that can lift your spirit any hour of the day.

2. Google- Zurich


It is common knowledge that Google offices give their employees one of the most incredible office atmosphere and interiors. With many on the list, our favourite has to be the Zurich office. The office has separate rooms for playing sports, singing and dancing and there is also a place for employees to get a massage. With a relaxing foam-filled bath, a sky lounge, jungle and movie room, slides, fireman’s poles and much more, we have absolutely no idea how any of the employees get any work done. The office even has themed Gondolas that serve the purpose of meeting rooms.

3. Adobe, Utah

adobe utah

Adobe’s 260,000 square foot campus recently got a brilliant makeover. The entire building centres now around a piece of street art. In addition to the work done by artist El Mac, the building also features a mural painted by street artist Mike Giant. The office design has an employee cafe, full NBA-sized basketball court, a game room, full equipped gym and artworks inspired by Adobe’s products.

4. Cartoon Network, Atlanta

cartoon network

The Cartoon Network office in Atlanta adopts a cubicle system, but this cubicle is anything but dull. Though the employees cannot see each other, but each individual workspace is personally customized. Each cubicle is decorated with bright, colourful furniture and cartoon character and mascots, photos, stickers and magnets.

5. Inventionland, Pittsburg


Inventionland is a design facility of Pittsburgh-based invention promotion firm Davison Design & Development. The 70,000 sq ft facility has been designed with 15 different sets. These set have been created by the company itself. From giant pirate ships to castles, robots and faux caves among others, the facility incorporates all. With an impressive sound, video and animation studio, the facility is fully equipped for creating working prototypes of inventions.

6. Pixar, Emeryville


The office of this animation giant, Pixar is as impressive as the movies on the big screen. We are certain, it is these surroundings that help them come up with the innovative ideas. Similar to Cartoon Network offices, Pixar has a fully customized cubicle system for each employee. All the hallways and common areas in the office are decorated with life-size movie characters, space hoppers, scooters and so on and so forth.

7. Skype- Stockholm, Sweden


Designed by architecture firm PS Arkitekturand, the Skype office in Stockholm is filled with funky and bright blue decor. Reflecting the spirit of Skype, the office carries the colourful happy theme with graphics and the Skype cloud logo used as an artificial lighting source throughout the office.

8. Pallotta Teamworks- Los Angeles, USA

pallotta teamworks

Clive Wilkinson Architects came up with the idea of including shipping containers as breathing islands inside the warehouse. These air-conditioned islands provide each department with a separate space and identity.

9. Red Bull- London, UK

red bull

The Red Bull HQ is the creative result of the quirky designers at Jump Studios. The focus has been kept on maximising the fun with a huge slide that runs through the centre of building placed next to a sleek floating staircase.

10. Nike- Oregon


Nike might not be able to match the size and space of Microsoft or Google but the creativity seen within the walls is hard to overlook. With beautiful doodles and modern design, the office is as vibrant as motivational.

Looking at these designs, we are certain you would never wish to work from home.

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