Don’t we all love tattoos? Tattoos can be good to look at but for the person getting it done, it should have some value and meaning. Usually, people get it done to depict something or to show how much they adore something or relate to a particular ideology or concept. Here are 10 tattoos based on their emotional connection with their loved ones.

Wiz Khalifa Forehead Son Name Tattoo

Wiz Khalifa Forehead Son Name Tattoo

Well, Wiz Khalifa does have a special bond with his son. His son’s name tattooed on his forehead shows all the love he has for his son. We do love how the tattoo is designed and the placement is something different from what people usually get.

Ewan Mcgregor Daughter Sleeve Tattoo

ewan mcgregor Daughter Sleeve Tattoo

Everyone knows that a daughter will always be ‘Daddy’s little girl’ irrespective of how grown up she is. As for the fathers, their little girl is always an apple of their eyes. It is the same for Ewan Mcgregor whose side armed tattoo has his daughter’s name tattooed

Jhonny Depp Letter Tattoo on Chest

Jhonny Deep Letter Tattoo on Chest

Johnny Depp’s tattoo is placed on his chest and symbolizes the closeness of the bond. The tattoo is designed so beautifully and the R of Rose is designed in a very artistic way.

Priyanka Chopra Wrist Tattoo

priyanka chopra Wrist Tattoo

Wrist is the most painful part to get tattooed but if it is for your dad, anything is fine because you are and always will be ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’, like Priyanka Chopra. What makes the tattoo more special is that it is Priyanka Chopra’s father’s handwriting that she got inked on her wrist; permanently sealing his mark on her.

Dad Heart Tattoo

Dad Heart Tattoo Source

Putting a heart around the word dad to symbolize your love for your father. Nothing in the world can depict love more than a heart itself

Dad Memorial Tattoo

dad memorial tattoo Source

The tattoo shows a fully sketched heart that has the word dad written in it along with the dates to honor the memory. It symbolizes pain and intensity.

Dad Anchor Tattoo

dad anchor tattoo Source

This is a very beautiful design, which caught our attention. An anchor in black with red flowers and the name dad tattooed right in the middle looks so visually appealing. Even the shading on it is done to perfection.

Dad Wrist Tattoo

Dad Wrist Tattoo Source

If you are someone who does not want too much design and shading or a lot of colour, this is the perfect design for you. A simple heart with minimal shading and the heart extend out to be mom and dad. We simply love this tattoo.

Dad Cross Tattoo

Dad Cross Tattoo Source

We have seen a lot of cross tattoos but we haven’t seen something this big. This tattoo is big, beautiful and nice. The black and red combination is a perfect blend and the name dad tattooed in calligraphy just makes it look perfect overall.

Dad Crown Tattoo

dad crown tattoo Source

Our fathers will always be our kings and this is the perfect depiction of it. The name dad tattooed on a diamond and the crown on it is the perfect way to tell your dad that he means the world to you. We love the font and the design and the colours used.

Dad Tattoo Design for Kid

Dad Tattoo Design for Kid Source

Flag with Dad Tattoo

Flag with Dad Tattoo Source

Cute Bird and Dad Tattoo

Cute Bird and Dad Tattoo Source

Snake Tattoo Design on Shoulder

Snake Tattoo Design on Shoulder Source

Mom and Dad Tattoo

Mom and Dad Tattoo Source

Animal Tattoo Design

Animal Tattoo Design Source

Arrow Tattoo on Forearm

Arrow Tattoo on Forearm Source

Daughter and Dad Tattoo

Daughter and Dad Tattoo Source

Simple Black Dad Tattoo Design

Simple Black Dad Tattoo Design Source

Ice Cream Tattoo Design

Ice Cream Tattoo Design Source

Evil with Dad Tattoo

Evil with Dad Tattoo Source

Planning to get a Tattoo done for your loved one? Well well well, here are plenty of options to choose from. We have given you a variety to choose from in terms of design, shade, colour and font.

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