A tattoo is a piece of art that defines something you love. Tattoos usually have meanings but there can be some without any meaning too. The whole point is if you love it, you get it done and it stays with you forever. Animal tattoos are quite a lot in fashion these days and we found 20 panther tattoos that we think are crazy.

Old Fashioned Hand Tattoo

old fashioned hand tattoo


This is a very old school tattoo but that’s what looks good these days. It gives out a feeling that the panther is clawing its way through something. The tattoo design looks very realistic and the color added to it gives it the perfect look over all.

Creative Panther Sleeve Tattoo

creative panther sleeve tattoo


There is nothing like a panther chilling by the beach right? We have to give it up to this design for its creative thinking. The way the overall design has been done is so visually appealing and something out of the box.

Animal Panther Palm Tattoo

animal panther palm tattoo


The uniqueness in this tattoo is how the panther has a third eye. They say the third eye depicts rage and that’s how this tattoo has been put across. We love the placement and the whole concept behind this design.

Pretty Back Tattoo Design

pretty back tattoo design


We love the placement on this tattoo and how original it looks. This feels like the panther is about to attack anyone at any time. Very well designed and conceptualized. The coloring is done to perfection and where ever shading is required; they have pretty much nailed it. We love this design.

Scary Knee Tattoo for Men

scary knee tattoo for men


Nice Panther Tattoo on Neck

nice panther tattoo on neck


Simple Animal Tattoo on Leg

simple animal tattoo on leg


Colorful Tattoo on Hand

colorful tattoo on hand


Trendy Tattoo Design Idea

trendy tattoo design idea


Cute Arm Tattoo for Men

cute arm tattoo for men


These are 10 wild panthers that are almost going to attack someone but we love how the designs look so realistic and we would recommend this to you too. This is a lot of work but they look very plain and minimalistic and we suggest you keep it like this too.

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