Elephant tattoos are considered to be the most prosperous, positive tattoos. As elephants are believed to be strong, calm and poised, people who like to express or like these qualities would love to have the elephant tattoo inked. There are lots of variations in elephant tattoos and it depends on the individual choice as what design they would like to have inked. The elephant tattoos are pierced normally on sleeves, arms, on the back, wrists, fingers etc.

Small Elephant Tattoos

Small elephant tattoos are normally preferred by girls on fingers, wrists, ankles etc. Normally girls who like to have a tattoo and do not want the big ones would go for small tattoos as they are cute and elegant. The small elephant tattoos are cute and these show the love towards a person.

Small Elephant Tattoo on Leg for Women

small elephant tattoo on leg for women


Small Elephant Tattoo on Sleeve

small elephant tattoo on sleeve


Tribal Elephant Tattoos

Tribal elephant tattoos are more rustic in appearance with intricate patterns and designs. The Maori elephant tattoos are very popular in tribal tattoos. The complex patterns followed in designing the tattoos makes them very interesting and loved as well as appreciated by everyone.

Tribal Elephant Tattoo on Thigh

tribal elephant tattoo on thigh


Baby Elephant Tattoos

The baby elephants are loved by every for its baby hair with out tusks which looks innocent and cute. The baby elephant tattoos are inked by men or women who love and adore this cuteness.

Baby Elephant Sitting Tattoo

baby elephant sitting tattoo


Watercolor Elephant Tattoos

Watercolor elephant tattoos are imitations of abstract painting where a particular pattern of coloring is not followed. The watercolor tattoo looks colorful and the uniqueness of these tattoos is lots of colors can be used which makes them bright and fun to have.

Watercolor Elephant Head Tattoo

watercolor elephant head tattoo


Watercolor Baby Elephant Tattoo

watercolor baby elephant tattoo for women


Elephant Family Tattoos

Elephant family tattoos are very popular among married couples. Elephants are believed to be loyal to their partners and calves which makes the elephant family tattoo the most sought after by couples who take an oath to be together for the rest of the life. You may also See Lion Tattoo Designs

Tribal Elephant Family Tattoo for Men

tribal elephant family tattoo


Elephant Family Tattoo for Back

elephant family tattoo for back


Geometric Elephant Tattoos

Elephant is believed to bring prosperity and good luck. The geometric shape is an interesting one which adds a lot of character and uniqueness to the tattoo which makes the geometric tattoos sought after by many tattoo lovers.

Geometric Elephant Head Tattoo

geometric elephant head tattoo


Watercolor Geometric Elephant Tattoo

watercolor geometric elephant tattoo1


Elephant Thigh Tattoos

The elephant tattoos on thighs are preferred by women. The thighs are the place which can be hidden easily and if someone prefers not to show the tattoos to everyone or want to keep it private, they would like to have the elephant tattoos on thighs.

Elephant Family Tattoo on Inner Thigh

elephant family tattoo on inner thigh


Angry Elephant Tattoos

Elephant is calm, strong, loyal and elegant. Along with these qualities elephants get angry if any harm is done to their family. Elephants love their families and herds. They are protective of the families and herds, especially the male elephants. The angry elephant tattoos are preferred to show the protection towards his/her family or loved ones.

Angry Elephant Tattoo on Sleeve

angry elephant tattoo on sleeve


Elephant Skull Tattoos For Men

Elephant skull tattoos are not only preferred for the love of art but also to show the strength and spiritual side of the person. The skull represents the after death experience and the spiritual side of the person. the combination of elephant and skull tattoo is related to strength and spirituality.

Elephant Skull Thigh Tattoo For Men

elephant skull thigh tattoo for men


Elephant Arm Tattoos

Elephant tattoos on arms are really beautiful to look at. As arms are easily seen, anyone who would love to show the qualities such as strength, loyalty and calmness can easily do this by having an elephant tattoo inked on arm.

Elephant Trunk Tattoos

Trunk is the most unique and strong part of an Elephant. The elephant can lift unbelievably heavy objects with its trunk which represents its strength. People who love this quality would like to have a elephant trunk tattoo which represents unbelievable strength. You may also See Giraffe Tattoo Designs

Cartoon Elephant Tattoos

Elephants in cartoons look cute and they attract everyone from a 1 year old to 90 year old person. This love towards these cute cartoon characters makes them to have their favorite elephant character inked.

Cute Cartoon Elephant Tattoo

cute cartoon elephant tattoo


Cartoon Elephant Tattoo on Ankle

cartoon elephant tattoo on ankle


Elephant Ankle Tattoos

Ankles are places which can be easily seen and small tattoos really look great on ankles. Especially women prefer to have tattoos on ankles as they look beautiful and cute. The elephant tattoo on ankles is a piece of art which is hard to be ignored by anyone.

Small Elephant Ankle Tattoo for Women

small elephant ankle tattoo for women1


Celtic Elephant Tattoos

The Celtic tattoos are ancient tribal tattoos which are intricate and beautiful. They belong to a particular tribe where the tattoos were inked for more social, religious and spiritual reasons.

Celtic Elephant Tattoo on Hip

celtic elephant tattoo on hip


Celtic Elephant Shoulder Tattoo

celtic elephant shoulder tattoo


Elephant Tattoos on Hand

Elephant tattoos on hand are mostly preferred to show the love towards the art and the creative design. People who love to show their love towards intricate design along with the majestic qualities of Elephant would like to have the tattoo inked on hands.

Elephant Hand Tattoo for Girls

elephant hand tattoo for girls


Elephant Henna Tattoo on Hand

elephant henna tattoo on hand


Elephant tattoos are believed to bring luck and prosperity. Elephants are believed to be sacred in Hindu and Buddhist mythology. They are worshiped as they are believed to bring abundance, fertility, prosperity and luck. There are various tattoo designs for men in elephants and its really good to have one!

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