Animal tattoos are by and large loved by a great number of people. They include not only dogs and cats but several wild animals which are now being popularly sported by animal lovers. Wildlife tattoo designs also hold a high significance due to which people love to get their bodies inked. These highly creative and incredible tattoo themes are very much in trend and sported by a certain group of people. Below is a list of totally awesome wildlife tattoo designs.

Mountain Lion Wildlife Tattoo Idea

Mountain Lion Wildlife Tattoo Idea Source

This mountain lion wildlife tattoo is truly an amazing tattoo idea for wildlife lovers. It features a fierce lion whose top and bottom is covered with two large mountains. The tattoo has been inked in the leg of a woman.

Wildlife Tattoo on Hand

Wildlife Tattoo on Hand Source

This very mysterious wildlife tattoo inked on the hand of a young man features a deer in a lost forest. The backside image of a deer wandering in a dense tree covered forest has been depicted in black. There’s more to the tattoo than just the picture. You may also see Seahorse Tattoo Designs

Moose Wildlife Tattoo Design

Moose Wildlife Tattoo Design Source

This moose tattoo inked on the arm of a boy features the wildlife animal’s face alone along with the horns. It does not have any other element drawn on the hand. It holds a significant impact and is said to have its own effects, apart from it being in trend.

Colorful Wildlife Tattoo on Hand

Colorful Wildlife Tattoo on Hand Source

Well, when it comes to tattoo designs, playing with colors is certainly fun and more exciting. This wildlife tattoo on hand features two birds alongside several flowers in a wild forest.

Gorilla Tattoo Design

Gorilla Tattoo Design Source

The gorilla tattoo in the picture is one hell of a wild tattoo, featuring a wild gorilla roaring with its mouth open and its teeth visible giving a very scary picture. It is a traditional tattoo holding a high significance on the wearer.

Stunning Water Colored Wildlife Tattoo

Stunning Water Colored Wildlife Tattoo Source

This stunning water color tattoo features a wild fox painted in unusual colors. The fox can be seen in blue with pretty colors used for the sand, flowers and other surrounding elements. This tattoo is featured on a girl’s arm since it contains several colors.

Leopard Tattoo Design Idea

Leopard Tattoo Design Idea Source

This awesome leopard tattoo on the arm of a woman is for the true lover of wildlife. It features a very wild leopard opening its mouth roaring at something. Along with the leopard are several forest greens and flowers.

Realistic Wolf Tattoo Design

Realistic Wolf Tattoo Design Source

This larger than life tattoo design of a wolf is realistic and painted to perfection. It features the face of a wolf on the hand of a person along with some floral printed patterns drawn below the head of wolf.

Tribal Wildlife Tattoo on Shoulder

Tribal Wildlife Tattoo on Shoulder Source

This wildlife tattoo design on the shoulder contains a tribal print wherein picture of a wild lion is inked in black, along with tints of red surrounding. This tattoo is a great representation of body art with the love of wildlife.

Deer Tattoo on Thigh

Deer Tattoo on Thigh Source

This is a pretty spring tattoo inked on the thigh having a deer print which is seen surrounded by pretty flowers in blue. Featured on a thigh, it is a very large tattoo painted beautifully and is a very peaceful picture to be seen. You may also see Cheetah Print Tattoo Designs

Half Sleeve Tattoo for Women

Half Sleeve Tattoo for Women Source

Bear Floral Tattoo Design

Bear Floral Tattoo Design Source

Angry Wolf Tattoo on Neck

Angry Wolf Tattoo on Neck Source

Beautiful Wildlife Tattoo Idea

Beautiful Wildlife Tattoo Idea Source

Lion Head Tattoo on Palm

Lion Head Tattoo on Palm Source

Black and Gray Owl Tattoo

Black and Gray Owl Tattoo Source

Eagle Tattoo for Women

Eagle Tattoo for Women Source

Unique Wildlife Tattoo for Men

Unique Wildlife Tattoo for Men Source

Wings Tattoo Design Idea

Wings Tattoo Design Idea Source

Realistic Elephant Tattoo Design

Realistic Elephant Tattoo Design Source

Wildlife Back Tattoo Design

Wildlife Back Tattoo Design Source

Tattoo designs today come in several themes and there is no limitation to the designs that can be be drawn. One such amazing yet unusual theme for tattoo designing is the wildlife design. Several wild animals like lion, wolf, deer etc are inked on hands, arms and thighs.

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