Creating a rave in the market with their unique, effortless and seamless design, the AirPods were definitely an equally striking revelation at the Apple iPhone7 event. With a refreshing design, the AirPods win and miss on a few pointers.

Similar to the Apple’s traditional earbuds, the AirPods come with an identical design, just without a cord. A silver cap has been affixed on the tip of AirPod to prevent it from falling on the ground. The tips of AirPods also serve a dual purpose of a mic to make calls or activate Siri. With the tagline wireless, effortless and magical the company promises that the AirPods are the next big advancement in enhancing the listening experience.


AirPods can connect to the other Apple devices without delay or disturbance. When not in use the Li-on powered cases charges the Air-Pods. With the smart IR technology the Pods can detect when they are not in the user’s ear while the music is being played on the iPhone. This enables the Pods to automatically switch to the speaker mode in your device.

With the Striking Benefits Comes the Added Disadvantages

Firstly, the AirPods can just be used with other Apple products and not any other device. Although the AirPods are provided with the silver cap to secure the Pods to the ears but still there holds a chance of them falling on the ground with sudden movements.

airpod design

Lastly, the AirPods don’t come cheap you would have to shell quite a bit of money to own a pair, to be precise, a whopping $159 to buy it. Take a closer look at their detailed design and specifications under the following three categories.

Overall Capabilities of Wireless Apple AirPod


Like mentioned above, the AirPods can detect when not in the ear. The media file pauses automatically when you remove both the Pods from your ear and plays once again when reinserted. When you start talking while having the AirPods in your ear, the AirPods turns on beam-forming microphones, eliminating background noise by paying prime focus on your speech. Just double tap on the sides to activate Siri. AirPods offers easy synchronising capabilities with all the signed in Apple devices.

AirPod Tech Specifications

Voice accelerometer- Voice accelerometer detector is what activates and deactivates the beam- forming microphone to lay focus on the present task of the minute.


Motion Sensors- Motion sensor is responsible for activating Siri with a double tap on the side. The embedded motion sensors sure do make up for a less cluttered exterior design.

Infrared Sensors- The infrared sensors help in detecting whether the pod in inserted in your ear or not. Pulling the AirPod out from your ear is what lights up the sensor.

W1 Chip- This chip is what forms the brain of the AirPods. All the sensors report to this chip. It can be explained as a low version of the A10 inside an iPhone 7 or the Snapdragon 820 on your Android device.

Fun Added Feature

iphone airpod

The fun added feature of AirPods is most certainly the charging system that enables you to charge the AirPods by simply putting them in a charging pod. The Pod itself charges with a lightning connector and works more like a power bank for your AirPods.

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