While doing the interiors for home, the most tricky part is designing kids’ room. Surely, it is one room you can have the most amount of fun while designing but the aspect of functionality also has to be kept in mind. Lora Appleton, founder of Kinder Modern, is an expert when it comes to kids’ room design. We have few tips from the expert herself to help you design an interesting room for your kids without missing on the practicality and essential need of the residents.

The first thing parents should keep in mind is never to overdo any theme. Kids might love the theme now but kids by nature are fickle about their choices and as they grow their choices and perceptions keep changing. Therefore, rather than designing the room according to a single theme that the child will outgrow and get bored of, try and accessories the room in a way that it directs your kids towards a hobby. A hobby or a passion is something that will remain with the kids and will deepen their experience and aspirations. While designing the room focus on how the room will work for your kids and designing it accordingly.

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Furnishing and accessories are very important part of any room. For kids’ room, Lora Appleton suggests to use pieces that anchor the room. Accessories the room with things that your kids love and make sure they are solid enough to last for a long time. If your kids love to read then you can get accessories inspired from their favourite books.

Appleton herself isn’t a fan of miniature adult pieces for kids but she suggests to try out Gaetano Pesce’s Up5 chair and Bertoia chair. She believes these pieces are worthy of investments and parents should consider them as a option to have them for children’s work space.

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Finances is an important factor that dictates how one should go about designing their space. The common problem that arises with most of the people is the understanding of where to splurge, where to invest and where to save. For this issue, Lora Appleton suggest to invest in lifetime pieces, something that would last for a long time and would also be a source of encouragement and inspiration for your children. Things like bedding and curtains are easy to change and should not be splurged upon. She compares the room to a body and suggests to make expenses on bones and structures.

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Appleton believes that one can start instilling a sense and love for design in their children through their room. A child begins to learn from their own space first. The space acts as a foundation to everything that he will learn next. What they observe from their room is what they take ahead with them.

Kinder Modern is New York gallery that showcases children’s furniture. It is the only gallery all over the world that specializes and focuses in vintage furniture design for children. From 20th century furniture design to inventive contemporary design furniture and object, the gallery showcases it all. Their historic- modern collection includes some beautiful rare design pieces that dates from 1920s- 1980s. These pieces include furniture by legendary design masters such as Hans Wenger, Ko Verzu, Isamu Noguchi. These designs are inspired from significant period of design production in North America and Europe.source

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