Album designs are an important incorporation into different folders of pictures in order to tie in the pictures with the album cover. There are many different types of album, and this list covers albums that can be used for pictures and events, such as wedding and birthday albums, but also covers things like music and CD album cover designs so that you can find the right design for whatever album that you are creating and designing.

Wedding Album Designs

This beautiful wedding album design is leather bound, hardback book with an inset picture of the married couple on the first page. The elegance of the design makes it clear that this is a wedding photo album.

Wedding Photo Album

wedding photo album

Wedding Album Cover

wedding album cover

Photography Album Designs

This photography album design is a beautiful but simple blue and cream design. The intricate background and customizable text makes this album design perfect for holding your most cherished family photos.

Photography Wedding Album Design

photography wedding album design

Photography Album Cover

photography album cover

Photography Portfolio Album

photography portfolio album

Album Cover Designs

This album cover design is a simple sepia toned image of a tree and man silhouette. This album cover design is perfect for simple, acoustic music genres, as the cover is very simple and calming.

Wedding Album Cover Design

wedding album cover design

Album CD Cover Design

album cd cover design

Modern Album Designs

This modern album design is simple leather bound book with the images on the pages being all different sizes in order to create a collage. This album design puts a modern twist on the classic photo album to keep all of your important and most loved pictures safe.

Modern Wedding Album Design

modern wedding album design

Modern Digital Album Design

modern digital album design

Modern Photo Album Design

modern photo album design

Music Album Designs

This album cover design is a simple ivory background with green, blue, and red geometric squares intertwined in the centre. This design is ideal for a wide range of different album covers, as it does not portray a specific music genre.

Professional Music Album Design

professional music album design

Music Album Cover Design

music album cover design

Music Album Packaging Design

music album packaging design

Professional Album Designs

This album cover design is a blue hardback book. It is a very simple book with gold embellishments such as a logo and writing. The simplicity and professionalism of this album design makes it perfect for use as a portfolio book and other professional artwork displays.

Professional Wedding Album Design

professional wedding album design

Digital Album Designs

This digital album design creates a digital collage of all your important pictures so that you can send it to family and friends. This design is ideal for those who have family in other countries and want to send pictures without having to send the copies themselves.

Wedding Digital Album Design

wedding digital album design

Digital Album Cover Design

digital album cover design

Kids Album Designs

This album design is a minimalistic, black and white album design. It is a hardback book with a fabric overlay, making it perfect for a child’s photo album. The design is beautifully simple and has beautifully sweet embellishments to show off the images of your baby.

Kids Birthday Album Design

kids birthday album design

Kid Photo Album Design

kid photo album design

Funeral Album Designs

This beautiful funeral album design is a simple, grey, hardback book with a feature image of the person in black and white. This design is perfect for a life celebration book for people to right stories, memories, and anecdotes in order to celebrate the life of the person who has recently passed.

Funeral Album Cover Design

funeral album cover design

Corporate Album Designs

This corporate album design is a blue and white geometric design that can be incorporated into many areas of the business. This design is also perfect to use in a business portfolio or album in order to advertise the business to potential customers.

Corporate Wedding Album Design

corporate wedding album design

Corporate Photo Album Design

corporate photo album design

Minimal Album Designs

This minimal album design uses the incorporation of iconic red lips and a beauty spot on a plain background in order to create a simple, yet feminine album cover that is perfect for a female music artist. The design also has bright blue eyebrows in order to give an unusual and modern twist to the design.

Minimal Photo Album

minimal photo album

Minimal Wedding Album

minimal wedding album

Family Album Designs

This family photo album is a very simple but sweet hardback book design, with images of all different shapes and sizes. This album design is perfect for compiling photos of your family to keep the memories safe.

Family Photo Album Design

family photo album design

Birthday Album Designs

This birthday album design is a fun and quirky photo album, which is a very simple grey and white design with cut out writing. The design incorporates the age of the person whose birthday it is, and is the perfect way to collect together pictures of the special day.

Baby Birthday Album Design

baby birthday album design

3D Album Designs

This 3D album design has layered pages and elements in order to create a 3D ‘pop-up’ effect with the photos. This album design is perfect for a modern graphic design or photography portfolio, as it is simple but clever, and very creative.

Photo 3D Album Design

photo 3d album design

Travel Album Designs

This travel photo album design is a leather bound book with images of iconic buildings and images from around the world, such as the Eiffel tower, the tower of Pisa, and New Orleans tramways. This design is perfect for showing off the pictures you have taken from any of your travels.

Travel Photo Album Design

travel photo album design

Multipurpose Album Designs

This photo album design has 20 pages for all of your photo needs, and each space has an area next to it for you to be able to write the names, dates, and place that it was taken. This album design can be used for any kind of picture compilation, as it is very simple and there is plenty of room for many photos.

Multipurpose Photo Album Template

multipurpose photo album template

CD Album Designs

This CD album design is a simple image in a sepia tone. This CD design is perfect for more acoustic genres of music, as the cover design is very simple and relaxed, which would represent the music well.

CD Album Cover Design

cd album cover design

Portfolio Album Designs

This portfolio album design is a very modern design, as the album itself is made out of bamboo wood. This is a very clever and creative design for the portfolio, and is perfect for showing off the work and pictures that you have done to advertise to customers.

Photography Portfolio Album Design

photography portfolio album design

We hope that this article has helped you to find the best album cover for your project, whether it is for pictures or for music. Album covers are important to tell what is on the inside of the album, and music album covers show the genre and music type of the band, so it is always important to find the right one for you.

How are album designs important?

Album designs are important in order to show the content of any photo album, and tie in the design of the album and pictures well together. This is most important for things such as wedding photo albums and portfolios, as you want a professional and well-finished feel to the album. Music album designs are important, as they advertise the band and the music in order to catch the eye of potential listeners.

Tips for Selecting Album Designs

The most important thing to think about selecting your album design is making sure that you find the right design and right amount of customization that fits with your event, theme, or business model. Think about the impression that you want to make to potential customers, and think about how important the images are inside any photography album. This will help you find the right design for you, and once you find it, you will know.

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