Since fashion design became a well-established career, the study of various fabrics and their unique characteristics found its way into today’s world. Some popular names of such discoveries are organdy dress design and gingham dress designs.

Organdy is the crispest and lightest form of cotton fabric, and is used widely for creating dresses, curtains etcetera. It is a very thin and sheer fabric, so it is designed in combination with another fabric, obviously. Following is a list of various dazzling organdy dress designs that you would love to wear.

Red Organdy Wedding Dress

red organdy wedding dress


This beautiful dress is made from silk, but the organdy bustle gives it the unique look. The girl in the picture had worn this dress on her wedding which looks very different and very gorgeous. If you like the Eastern culture of a red wedding dress, order it up ASAP!

Long White Organdy Dress

A short dress inside the long sheer dress gives this dress a wonderful call back from the 1950s. This white dress is a good idea as an evening dress; however it is suitable for summer evenings only. A white hat and white flat sandals would complete the look. Girl, you just came back from an 20th century party.

vintage organdy dress

Those white gloves and handkerchief with this pure white vintage dress is a lovely outfit for a fancy dress party, or a 60s-themed party, or even Halloween if you don’t mind getting a little scary-creative. Obviously, you wouldn’t wear this dress for a walk with your dog.

Blue Organdy Outfit Idea

blue organdy outfit idea


This is a crinkly, crispy dress that would look amazing on its own. However, to lessen the vintage feeling, you can add a black leather jacket or shrug with this blue-tinged dress. Some more colorful addition like fuschia pink belts would modernize the look.

Black Organdy Dress Design

black organdy dress design


If you have been looking for some hot little black dresses designs that are not overly revealing or so, you would absolutely adore this simple yet gorgeous dress. Maroon matte lips and a reddish blush would go great with this one.

Simple Organdy Dress Design

simple organdy cocktail dress

A cute organdy dress design like this one is sure to look great on a day out or a day in. The white organdy topped on pink fabric reminds me of sugar cupcakes! Sweet. If you want a light-wear dress for your summer, then this is another of the best choices for your wardrobe that would be best-looking on their own. No extra effort needed, just like suede dress designs are independently best.

Blue Organdy Lace Dress

blue organdy lace dress


Chic Organdy Summer Outfit

chic organdy summer outfit


Black Organdy Full Sleeves Dress

blue organdy full sleeves dress


Awesome Organdy Party Dress

awesome organdy party dress


Organza Mini Dress Design

organza mini dress design


Floral Print Off Shoulder Dress

floral print off shoulder dress


Gorgeous Organza Outfit

gorgeous organza outfit


Gucci Organdy Dress Design

gucci organda dress design


These organdy dress designs are your best summer wardrobe-makers, of course, in addition to the preppy dress designs that you may have already stocked on. Happy summers, and happy shopping!

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