Marble textures can add a very elegant and sophisticated design to your project, so you can develop a product with sophistication and beauty. There are many marble texture designs to choose from, and this list brings you many of the best styles of marble textures so that you can find the right option for your project or product. Whether you are creating an online scrapbook or a graphic design project, we have all that you need when it comes to finding the right marble texture.

White Marble Textures

White marble is a very classic colour of marble, and these textures are great for use in an architectural graphic design project so that you can develop the design of the room or the building properly.

Plain White Marble Texture

plain white marble texture

White Marble Surface Texture

white marble surface texture

Marble Floor Textures

Marble is a popular flooring option, as it is beautiful yet hardy. A marble floor texture can be used in a mockup of a house or room design to create an initial look of what the home will look like.

Marble Floor Mosaic Texture

marble floor mosaic texture

White Marble Floor Tile Texture

white marble floor tile texture1

Black Marble Textures

Black marble textures is a twist on the classic white marble, and is much more striking than its counterpart. Black marble darkens the project, but also adds sophistication and beauty into any project.

Dark Black Marble Texture

dark black marble texture1

Abstract Black Marble Texture

abstract black marble texture

Marble Tile Textures

Marble is usually placed in tiles, as it can be difficult to find marble large enough for a certain space. These textures use the design of marble tiles in order to create a beautiful tiled project.

Square Seamless Marble Tile Texture

square seamless marble tile texture

Grey Marble Stone Tile Texture

grey marble stone tile texture

Seamless Marble Textures

Seamless marble textures are carefully designed in order to create a larger project. These designs are created so that the textures can be placed beside one another and make it so that you cannot see where the two meet so that you can develop a project that is larger than others.

Colorful Seamless Marble Texture

colorful seamless marble texture

Free Seamless Marble Texture

free seamless marble texture

Marble Stone Textures

Marble stone textures take inspiration from unpolished marble to give them a more rocky and stone-like feel. These textures are ideal for more natural projects and themes, as they use marble in its natural state.

Orange Marble Stone Texture

orange marble stone texture

Marble Jade Stone Texture

marble jade stone texture

Marble Paper Textures

Marble paper is a clever way of colouring or treating your paper to give it a marbled look. These textures come in a range of different colours and are ideal for making fun projects and scrapbook entries.

Blue Marble Paper Texture

blue marble paper texture

Blue Marble Textures

Blue marble is a rare form of marble that comes in blue, and this texture is based on blue marble. These textures are blue in colour but still take inspiration from the marbled texture so that you can develop any project or product of your choosing with a blue marble background or design element.

Bright Blue Marble Texture

bright blue marble texture

Blue Marble Tile Texture

blue marble tile texture

Marble Wall Textures

Marble walls are popular in bathrooms and kitchens, so these marble wall textures are ideal for creating architectural mockups of different rooms so that you can pitch a design, or get an idea of what the room will eventually look like.

Marble Stone Wall Texture

marble stone wall texture

Modern Marble Stone Wall Texture

modern marble stone wall texture

Gray Marble Textures

Gray marble is a darker marble than traditional white marble textures based on these will give you a very different look than other options. These textures are perfect for a background design, for use in creating device covers, and even in scrapbooking to give a twist on the classic design.

Natural Grey Marble Texture

natural grey marble texture

Free Grey Marble Texture

free grey marble texture

Light Grey Marble Texture

light grey marble texture

Marble textures are very similar to stone textures, as they are a natural product that has an attractive and striking look. We hope that this list has helped you to find the right marble texture for the project that you are creating, so that you have all of the options that you need.

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