Brick texture remains popular because of their natural visual appeal. You can get your texture designs in traditional red bricks or modern white bricks.  They add an edge to artwork and will make any web background stunning. The repeating nature of brick patterns will add originality to a project as well as give your design a presentation that will reflect any era you want. With prominent color shades or minimalist design, these brick patterns show sheer creativity.

Seamless Brick Texture

seamless brick texture

Seamless brick texture features earthy colors that will look amazing as your desktop background. The high-quality texture is perfect for a digital artist or anyone working on a 3D project. You may also see Wall Textures

Red Brick Texture

red brick texture

Red brick textures are easy to notice and will make your work pop. They come even in small 72dpi sizes that will decorate your web background without affecting its loading time.

High Resolution Brick Wall Texture

high resolution brick wall texture

From clean to old and rough, this brick texture has a high-resolution JPG image. The set has five different brick textures that you can use to make your artwork interesting or to decorate your background. You may also see Stucco Textures

Old Brick Wall Texture

old brick wall texture

Give your project a realistic antique style by using this old break wall texture. You can download this pattern in 72dpi small or large sizes. You can choose the 300dpi in medium size to extra large sizes.

Tileable Brick Texture

tileable brick texture

If you love vintage designs, then this seamless tileable brick texture is for you. It features old red bricks stacked on top of each other and has cracks as well as dirt spots. You may also see Gravel Textures

Grunge Brick Texture

grunge brick texture

Affordable, easy to download and use, this grunge brick texture is suitable for anyone who wants an authentic wall design. The brick texture is repeating, seamless and is for personal as well as commercial use.

Simple Brick Texture

simple brick texture

Simple and affordable, this brick pattern is fully tileable. It came in pat files and layered PSD files that work in Photoshop programs. The stone wall design has red and gray colors.

3D Brick Texture

3d brick texture

Give your project a 3D effect by using this brick texture. The brick wall is red in color, is seamless and gives you the freedom to choose from extra small to extra large sizes.

White Brick Texture

white brick texture

Instead of the popular red brick color, take a unique approach by opting for white brick texture. This block pattern is captivating, looks like a wood texture and will give your design a modern look.

Modern Brick Texture

modern brick texture

Suitable for game development, this set has 20 different modern brick textures. The textures are in high-resolution JPEG format.

Stone and Brick Texture

stone and brick texture

Grey Brick Texture Design

grey brick texture design

Abstract Brick Texture

abstract brick texture

Colorful Brick Texture

colorful brick texture

White Seamless Brick Texture

white seamless brick texture

Aged Brick Texture

aged brick texture

How this brick textures are useful?

Brick textures are useful for making stunning book covers and some designs even work on printed fabrics. These textures render an architectural effect that best suits a website background, brochures, 3D animations and advertisement papers. The seamless brick patterns can be downloaded in small sizes and used as web background without affecting the load time of your pages. Most of them you can use for personal as well as commercial projects and can even add a vintage effect.

Whether you prefer medieval designs or want a modern background, brick texture can give you any era presentation you want. They are eye-catching and will quickly make your design easy to notice. Designs with grunge texture further work to enhance the visual appeal of your project giving a soothing effect for viewers.

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