Marble pattern has a long history as it has been used by the worldwide people since ancient times. Vintage marble patterns were simple and very pale by the look. Generally, the black and white colour was the dominating colours when it comes to marble patterns in retro times. The green colour and the blue colour based marble patterns were also high in demand since historical periods.

Marble Seamless Pattern

marble seamless pattern

Granite Marble Sample Pattern

granite marble sample pattern

Marble Swirl Pattern

marble swirl pattern

Modern marble patterns are much more stylish and updated if comparing to the old fashion. Bright colours based marble patterns are getting popularity stunningly just like simple white marble patterns. Advanced technologies make these marble patterns more enchanting and graceful.

Blue Marble Texture Pattern

blue marble texture pattern

Old White Marble Carved Pattern

old white marble carved pattern

 Light Marble Pattern Design

light marble pattern design

Black Marble Repeating Pattern

black marble repeating pattern

Natural Marble Pattern

natural marble patterns

Abstract Seamless Marble Pattern

abstract seamless marble pattern

White Granite Marble Sample Pattern

white granite marble sample pattern

There are more than two hundred and fifty types of marble patterns available in all over the world based markets. Designed marble patterns, colourful marble patterns, abstract marble patterns are very much high in craze now. Seamless marble patterns and tile marble patterns never get out of the fashion trends ever.

Blue Marble Seamless Pattern

blue marble seamless pattern

Marble Stone Polished Pattern

marble stone polished pattern

Pink Marble Pattern

pink marble pattern

Rainbow Marble Photoshop Patterns

rainbow marble photoshop patterns

Multicolored Marble Pattern

multicolored marble pattern

Marble Mosaic Pattern

marble mosaic pattern

Choose a perfect marble pattern which defines your personality in best way. Bright colourful abstract marble patterns are gorgeous and go best for the dining room floors. Simple black and white marble patterns add soberness whereas designed marble patterns and brown marble patterns give a classic look to the floors incredibly.

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