Concrete is a sturdy material that has many useful qualities. On of them is that they tend to look stylish in their own rough way. As a huge part of the grunge texture genre, you will find that concrete can give you countless looks, feelings and texture through a great variety of designs. For this post we scoured the web to find you the most stunning designs for a collection of concrete texture designs to inspire you.

Seamless Concrete Texture

With a seamless texture design you will never have to worry about the size of the space you want to cover with it while concrete textures will cover your needs.

Grunge Concrete Seamless Texture

grunge concrete seamless texture

Seamless Concrete Wall Texture

seamless concrete wall texture

Rough Concrete Seamless Texture

rough concrete seamless texture

Polished Concrete Texture

If you want your projects to have a certain glow to them then you should go for polished concrete textures. They come in all formats to help you choose one. You may also see Grunge Textures

Grey Polished Concrete Texture

grey polished concrete texture

Outdoor Polished Concrete Texture

outdoor polished concrete texture

White Concrete Texture

White concrete has a certain level of style that helps you create stunning projects. Suitable for web sites, webs and brochures that fall in the grunge style and need character.

White Floor Concrete Texture

white floor concrete texture

White Concrete Seamless Texture

white concrete seamless texture

Cracked Concrete Texture

Every texture has a different pattern of cracks. You can use these designs in order to add a strong look that will work as a statement piece to draw attention.

Grunge Crack Concrete Wall Texture

grunge crack concrete wall texture

Brown Cracked Concrete Texture

brown cracked concrete texture

Stained Concrete Texture

Stained concrete makes for the most captivating designs in the grunge genre. You will find them in many color schemes that can give you versatile use for edgy project designs.

Orange Stained Concrete Texture

orange stained concrete texture

Concrete Stained Seamless Texture

concrete stained seamless texture

Dark Concrete Texture

If you are working on corporate web sites then the dark concrete textures will work as the ideal background elements. Sophistication and elegance will complete the look for professional style.

High Resolution Dark Concrete Texture

high resolution dark concrete texture

Black Dark Concrete Texture

black dark concrete texture

Colorful Concrete Texture

Concrete can take many colors that range from pink to green and from yellow to blue you can find them in every color you might need for your project designs.

Colorful Concrete Surface Texture

colorful concrete surface texture

High Resolution Concrete Texture

High resolution is essential for many projects in order to give a high class look. Also apart from screens it will look amazing in printed designs on fabric and paper.

High Resolution Grunge Concrete Wall Texture

high resolution grunge concrete wall texture

High Resolution Seamless Concrete Texture

high resolution seamless concrete texture

Tileable Concrete Texture

With a tileable design you will be able to add style and character to your projects. You can find then in high quality formats with stunning features as focal points.

Tilable Concrete Block Texture

tilable concrete block texture

Old Tilable Concrete Texture

old tilable concrete texture

Concrete Floor Texture

Concrete flooring might look cold in as a background element it will look amazing. You will find them is jpg, psd and eps formats to add in your Photoshop toolsets.

Rough Concrete Floor Texture

rough concrete floor texture

White Concrete Floor Texture

white concrete floor texture

Concrete textures can be used in a variety of projects that will look perfect in all available mediums. You can use a concrete design as a background element in web development since it would look perfect in corporate websites adding a sophisticated touch. You can also consider it as a great design for posters as well as brochures and flyers to bring a grunge look to the designs with beautiful and creative fashion tone.

In the grunge genre you will also find other designs like metal textures. You can use them all in the way that suits your needs best, while you will find them all in great formats that allow customization. Make your projects look appealing with a cement design that will inspire.

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