Ice is an interesting form of matter, the mid way between solid and liquid and also creates interesting texture. For graphic designers, ice texture designs have been a unique form of representation and achieve uniqueness in art. It’s not that ice comes in its cubical shape but a range of shapes that can give an interesting edge to a design. Well, if you are looking to do something ‘cool’, here are some ice textures you would want to check out!

Seamless Ice Texture

seamless ice texture

The following is a collection of 40+ ice textures in different colors that can be used as backgrounds for your designing. The textures and grains here are really unique and can be put into all kinds of materials, including greetings cards, business cards, posters, banners and more.

Ice Cubes Texture

ice cubes texture

Look closely at an ice cube and you will be amazed by the shapes and textures the melting block of water can create! Use these high resolution photographs of the same in your own work. You may also see Snow Textures

Cracked Ice Texture

cracked ice texture

When talking about textures, the more cracked a block of ice, the more interesting is the texture it creates. Here are some high resolution images of the same.

High Resolution Ice Texture

high resolution ice texture

Looking for high resolution images of ice textures? Well, this collection comes in a range of shapes and colors that adds to your creative tools.

Seamless Ice Rink Texture

seamless ice rink texture

The texture here is not the normal ice cube in the freezer but the real landscape you would get in Polar Regions. The frame here is an interesting blend of blue and white.

Ice Crystal Texture

ice crystal texture

A crystal of ice is the most beautiful and delicate thing you would ever see. The shapes can be astounding and always create patters any graphic designer would die for!

Blue Ice Texture

blue ice texture

Blue ice looks pure, full of vitality, vigor and energy. Use these blue ice textures in your own design material to create unique visuals.

3D Ice Texture

3d ice texture

If you have been looking for a highly surreal natural texture, 3D ice is an unbeatable choice. You will easily understand what we mean once you browse through this collection.

Free Ice Photoshop Texture

free ice photoshop texture

Designing something cool in Photoshop? Take your time to check out this amazingly creative ice textures that add a lot to your creative limits.

Swirled Ice Texture

swirled ice texture

If normal ice texture is not complicated and interesting enough for you, check out these swirled ice designs! The textures and the grains here are mind blowing and would surely make any material stand out!

Arctic Ice Texture Design

arctic ice texture design

Winter Cracked Ice Texture

winter cracked ice texture

Frozen Blue Ice Texture

frozen blue ice texture

White Ice Seamless Texture

white ice seamless texture

Free Ice Texture Design

free ice texture design

High Quality Ice Texture Design

high quality ice texture design

Swirl Blue Ice Texture

swirl blue ice texture

Dark Blue Ice Texture

dark blue ice texture

Ice Water Texture

ice water texture

Ice Cave Texture Design

ice cave texture design

Ice Surface Texture

ice surface texture

All of the above ice and water textures come as high resolution vector images that can be used in all kinds of materials. Whether you are looking for an ice texture for web designing or to be put in a hoarding design material, the above meet the job requirement. Just download them and add it to your texture library!

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