Textures can make your projects look complete and stylish. There is a great variety of texture designs to choose for many projects. Among the various themes you will find water designs too. These can bring a fluid motion that’ll make your projects look fresh and fashionable at the same time. In case you are on the lookout for a new approach on the textures for your projects then keep reading for our water texture ideas.

Water Drop Texture

water drop texture

This design brings to mind spring mornings and sunshine. You can find it in a seamless pattern with drops of various sizes while it is available in eps format file.

Seamless Water Texture

seamless water texture

You can get this texture for its bright blue colors and for the pool like style. It is available in in eps and jpg formats with many sizes to choose. You may also see Snow Textures

Water Ripple Texture

water ripple texture

Water ripples add a revitalizing point of view in many projects like web sites and blogs. You can get it in the size that fits your needs in 300 dpi.

Water Splash Texture

water splash texture

You can choose water splash in order to depict the power that comes from the water. Choose a color scheme with dark to neutral colors bringing emphasis to the look.

Blue Water Texture

blue water texture

The softness of this water textures brings a calming effect to you projects. You can use it in blogs, business cards, presentations and web sites to add a sophisticated style.

Water Surface Texture

water surface texture

With a pack of five different water textures you can create multiple designs. This one comes in eps and jpg formats allowing you to edit the textures according to taste.

Water Foam Texture

water foam texture

Water foam will make your projects look summery and fresh. You can find it in many sizes to choose from while the resolution ranges between 72 and 300 pdi options.

Water Stain Texture

water stain texture

This design will give you a grunge look that will make every project look edgy. With a unique color combination for a realistic design to use I websites and blogs.

Ocean Water Texture

ocean water texture

Bring the tropical waters of the ocean into your projects with this texture design. It comes in many different sizes to choose as well as in jpg and tiff formats.

Water Reflection Texture

water reflection texture

The soft reflections of the water bring a calm design to your projects adding style. You can find them in two resolutions of 72 and 300 dpi and various sizes. You may also see Watercolor Textures

Transparent Blue Water Texture

transparent blue water texture

Realistic Water Texture

realistic water texture

High Quality Water Texture

high quality water texture

Pool Water Texture

pool water texture

Natural Water Texture

natural water texture

Swimming Pool Water Texture

swimming pool water texture

Water Droplets Texture

drinking water texture

Water Waves Texture

blue water waves texture

Swirl Water Texture

high resolution water texture

Black Water Texture

black water texture

Water textures can be used in web sites, blogs, business cards and other projects in order to add a lively design bringing them to life.

Like grass textures, water can be used for its beautiful and vibrant colors. These designs have a versatile use that can allow you to use in various projects. You can also use them as background features and decorative elements in order to bring something fresh and stylish in your designs.

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