Watercolour textures are a great design to add to the background and border of a variety of different projects and presentations in order to add a fun and artistic feel to any project, but they can also be used as a design element in digital artwork. We have put together a list of watercolour textures that can be incorporated into the design and development of many projects such as invitations and digital artwork in order to add a beautiful finish to the piece you are working on.

Watercolor Texture

watercolor texture

This watercolour texture uses a bright palette of colors to create a beautiful and summer theme to this watercolour design. This texture is perfect for summer party invitations and different party decorations to create a light summery feel.

Space Watercolor Texture

space watercolor texture

This watercolour texture uses dark blue with some white specs to create the image of outer space. This clever design can be used in many space themed projects, or as decorations for a child’s bedroom.

Turquoise Watercolor Texture

turquoise watercolor texture

This turquoise watercolour texture uses different shades of turquoise to create this beautiful design. The design can be used as a simple decorative background.

Watercolor Paper Texture

watercolor paper texture

This watercolour texture also uses bright colors to create a fun and summery feel. These colours feel quite feminine and could be used for a birthday party decoration element, or as invitations and other party elements.

Real Watercolor Texture

real watercolor texture

This watercolour texture is mainly in oranges and yellows and creates a relaxed evening feel to the texture. This texture could be incorporated into many different themes of a project as a simple design element, or to use as a background on an events poster for a summer evening party.

Seamless Watercolor Texture

seamless watercolor texture

This watercolour texture is also a mainly turquoise and blue colour palette, and can be incorporated into many water and aquatic themed projects as a design element, or as an artistic image.

Spring Watercolor Textures

spring watercolor textures

This spring watercolour texture uses bright greens, blues and yellows to create a bright and fresh colour palette design. This texture can be incorporated into many springtime events as designs for invitations and posters.

Green Abstract Watercolor Texture

green abstract watercolor texture

This abstract watercolour is mainly greens and blues and recreates the image of a sky in a more abstract design. This texture is perfect for a summer or spring project, such as different events posters, invitations, and decorations, as it is fresh and bright. It could also be used as a background for a larger project or painting.

Blue Watercolor Texture

blue watercolor texture

This watercolour texture uses blue and white to recreate the colors of the sky. This texture is perfect for a background for a larger project or painting, or as the background for different digital developments and invite designs.

Hand Painted Watercolor Texture

hand painted watercolor texture

This watercolour texture uses reds, pinks, and whites to create this striking watercolour design. This design is a lot more romantic and sensual than other designs on this list, and can be used to create Valentine’s Day cards and decorations, or as a background for many beautiful and romantically themed projects.

Dark Watercolor Texture

dark watercolor texture

Summer Tone Watercolor Texture

summer tone watercolor texture

Watercolor Gradient Texture

watercolor gradient texture

Free Colorful Watercolor Texture

free colorful watercolor texture

Abstract Orange Watercolor Texture

abstract orange watercolor texture

Free Watercolor Texture Design

free watercolor texture design

Sea Watercolor Texture

sea watercolor texture

High Quality Watercolor Texture

high quality watercolor texture

Blue and Pink Watercolor Texture

blue and pink watercolor texture

High Resolution Watercolor Texture

high resolution watercolor texture

Yellow Watercolor Texture Design

yellow watercolor texture design

We are confident that this list will help you to find the best options for you watercolour artwork in order to create the beautiful artistic finish that you are looking for. Whether you are looking to use these designs in graphic design, to incorporate into events and party decorations and stationary, or any other project, we hope that this list has helped to inspire you.

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