The font world is visualizing textures in almost anything we see around us. One among these textures is orange peel textures. Ripe orange textures give a tangy feel to whatever is written using them. They have found a place in the list of people who search for rusty textures. The uneven spots present on the orange peel, when enlarged in Photoshop, give a grunge effect. Here are some special orange peel textures were chosen minutely for your special purpose usage

Rusty Grunge Background

rusty grunge background

This design gives the feel of an aged wood piece and as the texture is quite close to nature, we can use this for various purposes. Wall painting, interesting backdrop, wallpaper and various such usages are viable with this texture. It is available in JPEG format.

Orange Peel Texture

orange peel texture

This super enlarged Photoshop image of a ripe orange peel has a beautiful texture and the various shades are letting it shine with an elegant look. It gives warmth to the eyes and hence is apt for walls and wallpaper. It is available in high resolution and is of customizable sizes.

Orange Peel Wall Texture

orange peel wall texture

Giving the feel of an aged and old wall covered with algae, this Photoshop image of an orange peel is full of grunge. If you are looking for a unique grunge texture for your quirky project then this is the best option for you. This is good for any vintage texture and for those projects that want to showcase weathered spaces.

Dry Orange Peels Texture

dry orange peels texture

Dry orange peels broken into random pieces have a charm to themselves; if you have that eye for creativity then you’ll love it. They are apt for projects that showcase health, medicine, Asian and Chinese cuisine or for herbal and lifestyle.

Cracked Wall Texture

cracked wall texture

This texture has a richness to its colors and shades and an urban feel to itself. If you want a texture with the soothing urban look then this is the one for you. Resembling a cracked wall, this texture is available in high resolution and is available in customizable sizes.

Orange Free Grunge Texture

orange free grunge texture

This warm colored texture is a beautiful abstract that has a feel of antiqueness to itself. If you want an old grungy texture or may be something that represents warmth and dirt at the same time then this texture is for you.

Fabric Green Orange Peel Texture

fabric green orange peel texture

This pattern can be used for any purpose as per your creativity as it is available in high resolution.

Orange Peel Surface Texture

orange peel surface texture

This variant has a wide range of options available and if you are looking for a grunge texture with completely customizable features then this is for you. It is available in both 72dpi and 300dpi resolution and in various sizes both in JPG and TIFF format.

Orange Grapefruit Texture

orange grapefruit texture

A close up of ripe grapefruit or orange gives a cool and funky texture after it is done with Photoshop. This texture is apt for the nature lovers and health seekers and is available in high resolution. It has a green metal shine to itself.

Yellow Orange Peel Texture

yellow orange peel texture

The dented texture of this close up orange peel in the yellow shade is an abstract pattern that is apt for any lifestyle project that represents freshness. It is available in JPEG format and in three resolutions: 72dpi, 150dpi and300dpi.

Bright Orange Peel Texture

bright orange peel texture

Seamless Orange Skin Texture

seamless orange skin texture

Orange Rust Metal Texture

orange rust metal texture

Elegant Orange Peel Texture

elegant orange peel texture

Orange Peel Water Drops Texture

orange peel water drops texture

Orange Grunge Texture

orange grunge texture

Orange Peel Fruit Surface Texture

orange peel fruit surface texture

Orange Skin Macro Texture

orange skin macro texture

Texture of Orange Peel

texture of orange peel

Black Leather Orange Peel Texture

black leather orange peel texture

Orange peels have various textures depending upon which variant it is. You can get minute pimpled textures with warm shades and at the same time green colored cross-lined patterns. Get your hands on these cool and beautiful textures and give your display a tangy twist!

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