Fabric textures are indeed some of the elements that have really opened avenues for immense inspiration in the realms of web as well as graphic designing. These textures can be applied to a wide range of design projects. Today, we share with you some of the most awesome high resolution sweater textures, will help give your graphic or website design projects a nice looking texture or background.

Wool Sweater Texture

This wool texture with a beige color looks so appealing that you would  find it ideal for use as the background of your assorted design projects. You can use this EPS file format ornamental texture in your varied clothing, knitwear or just about any craft work requiring a unique retro touch.

Sweater Texture

Looking for a fabric texture that can give your graphic or web designs a rustic, vintage backdrop look? Then, this sweater texture could be all that you need to achieve that effect. This vector fabric texture is available in high resolution and scale that can fit your assorted projects.

Knitted Sweater Textures

This set of awesome fabric texture featuring a wide range of knitted sweater can be quite ideal for use as background in your fashion or craft-related design projects. These tileable sweater textures come in impressive, classic patterns used in crochet knitting including zigzag, weave, diamonds, stripes and more.

Seamless Knit Texture

This pack of fabric textures features a range of impressive original seamless knit textures that can be used as backdrop for a wide range of design projects. The tileable seamless textures look so realistic owing to their high resolution. This texture is perfect for use in 2D and 3D design projects.

Fabric Sweater Texture

The high quality of this fabric sweater texture makes it really appealing. The texture comes in attractive colors including brown, purple, blue, green and pink making it fit for use as a backdrop in your winter clothing-related website. It is obtainable for download as JPG and layered PSD files.

 Sweater Pattern Texture

This pack features high quality sweater pattern texture. The set of fabric texture is ideal for use in different 2D and 3D design projects. The texture is tileable and comes with a remarkable high quality resolution of 300DPI. The JPG file format having the texture has impressive dimensions of 12 inches by 12 inches.

Wool Fabric Texture

The interweaving pattern of this beige fabric texture featuring wool is a perfect fit for a backdrop in your fashion or textile web or graphic design projects that need a natural wintery appeal. The texture is available in amazing high resolution and a range of sizes to meet your needs.

Fabric Wool Texture

This gorgeous fabric texture can give your design projects a naturally elegant look . The high resolution of this wool texture available in TIFF image file format makes it really appealing.

Knitted Fabric Texture

The high resolution and different sizes make this texture ideal for use in your assorted knitwear, textile or clothing projects. The interweaving pattern is especially appealing and quite ornamental.

Simple Sweater Texture

Chunky Knit Sweater Textures

Happy Holiday Sweater Texture

Sweater and Lace Textures

Sweater Vector Texture

Ugly Sweater Texture

Wool Sweater Textures

Sweater Pattern Texture

Knitted Wool Texture

Cotton Sweater Texture

Wool Cloth Texture

Knit Texture

Hopefully, you have found the above collection of awe-inspiring fabric sweater textures very inspirational. The sweater texture of your choice and use it to create great backgrounds for your assorted design projects especially ones related to fashion.

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