When creating an article on clothing it is important to think about what fabric texture it is that you are aiming for, as this can affect the end look of the article. Some fabric textures are great for some projects, but not for others. This article has compiled several options for you to look at in order to help you decide which fabric texture is right for you and the project you are developing.

Knitted Fabric Texture

knitted fabric textures

This knitted texture uses a tighter stitch and uses many bright colors such as red, yellow, blue, etc. and is ideal for scarves or hats, especially for younger children.

Knitted Interlock Fabric Texture

knitted interlock fabric texture

This interlocked fabric texture is a double knitted texture in blue, creating a thicker texture for projects such as blankets, jumpers, or quilts.

Knitted Woolen Fabric Texture

knitted woollen fabric texture

This fabric texture uses thicker wool in green and is ideal for use in blankets, jumpers, scarves, and any thicker project to provide warmth and comfort.

Fabric Abstract Texture

fabric abstract texture

This abstract fabric texture uses white, peach, cream, orange, and brown, in a varying and abstract design. It is perfect for blankets and pillows to create an original and beautiful design.

Knitted Drop Needle Fabric Texture

knitted drop needle fabric texture

Drop stitching texture creates lines and stripes in the fabric texture which is a great embellishment for things like baby blankets, throws, and scarves, for a subtly beautiful design.

Pink Knitted Fabric Texture

pink knitted fabric texture

This pink knitted texture is a close-knit design, which is perfect for a baby girl’s blanket, a throw, or a cushion as a beautiful embellishment to any bedroom.

Seamless Knit Textures

seamless knit textures

These knitting pattern textures are perfect for things such as a patchwork quilt, a cushion, or a larger throw to create an original design to add to any room.

Green Fabric Texture

green fabric texture

This texture uses an almost woven design, and the green makes this texture perfect for a young boys blanket or cushion in order to decorate a bedroom. It could also be used in the design of a cardigan or jacket.

Knit Fabric Texture

knit fabric texture

This knitted texture uses many different colors in order to create a beautiful and elegant design to the fabric. It is ideal for use in a jumper, cardigan, or other items of clothing.

Free Woven Fabric Texture

free woven fabric texture

This texture is also a woven texture which is more commonly used in garden furniture, as the tight finish of the cream weaving is much more durable in weathered conditions.

Turquoise Ribbed Knit Fabric Texture

turquoise ribbed knit fabric texture

Woolen Knitted Grey Fabric Texture

woolen knitted grey fabric texture

Bright Green Knit Fabric Texture

bright green knit fabric texture

Colorful Fabric Weave Texture

colorful fabric weave texture

Grey Fabric Texture

grey fabric texture

High Resolution Fabric Texture

high resolution fabric texture

Pink Knit Fabric Texture

pink knit fabric texture

Knitted Woolen Fabric Texture

knitted woolen fabric texture

Bright Blue Knit Fabric Texture

bright blue knit fabric texture

Natural Wool Knit Texture

natural wool knit texture

Beige Knitted Fabric Texture

beige knitted fabric texture

These fabric textures are perfect for a wide range of projects, such as clothing and furniture decorations. Handcrafted presents mean much more when they are for baby or children’s bedrooms, and the fabric texture is important to get right for maximum comfort and usability. We hope that this list has helped you to decide the right kind of fabric textures for your project.

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