The word ‘crochet’ has been derived from the Old French word ‘croche’ meaning ‘hook’. It was widely incorporated in the making of French lace during the 17th century and today, it means a process of creating a fabric by interlocking numerous loops of thread or yarn with a crochet hook. Crochet patterns are very popular all over the planet and in case you have recently opened up a blog to teach people how to knit a crocheted mat or a cap or a pair of socks for babies, you will definitely need modern crochet patterns free to give your visitors a fair idea about which designs are in vogue.

Decorative Crochet Pattern

decorative crochet pattern

This amazingly beautiful crochet pattern can be used as a cover for your antic telephone set or can be joined with other similar pieces to attach to a garment for a young girl. You can knit this crochet pattern in any color of your choice.

White Color Crochet Pattern

cute white color crochet pattern

This magnificent modern crochet patterns free requires a bit of skill and fore-knowledge in making. If you are a devout lover of crochet designs, then you must try this new white colored floral pattern.

Beautiful Crochet Pattern

delicate crochet patterns

This crochet stitch is a collection of six different knit patterns of small to medium size. You can increase its size by using a 6 ply yarn or thicker. It has a range of crochet design patterns ranging from very simple to complicated ones.

Black and White Crochet Pattern

black and white crchet patterns

This intricately beautiful floral crochet pattern can be used as a cushion cover or can be knitted with a wool to form a scarf, the length and width of this design can be manipulated as per the needs its usage.

Crochet lace Flower Pattern

crochet lace flower pattern design

It is such a versatile modern crochet pattern free that you can use it as a Rosaline or a lace for along your drawing room curtains or simply lace it along your favorite handkerchief or a fabric shoulder bag.

Round Lace Pattern

set of crochet patterns

This again is a collection of 5 different crochet patterns which deserves to be added to your crochet design collection. Each design can be called a fine artwork with no similarity among them.

Beautiful Flower Crochet Pattern

beautiful flower crochet pattern

This elaborate crochet patterns for beginners can be laced with a coaster or a handkerchief or anything you can think of. It is knitted by combining several patterns and motifs which give the design a chic look.

Amazing Crochet Seamless Pattern

amazing crochet seamless pattern

Awesome Lace Pattern

cool crochet

It is a crochet pattern created with the repetitive use of similar circular designs which are joined together to form an elaborate design. This is a classic crochet design which you must own.

Vintage Crochet Lace Pattern

vintage style crochet lace pattern

If you have been looking for a crochet pattern which can be laced along the edge of your center table cloth or your favorite garment, then download this crochet patterns for beginners today.

Seamless Crochet Pattern

knitted crochet pattern

This ornate crochet design is a must-have in your collection. It has a vintage appeal and your visitors would surely appreciate it once you add it in your crochet pattern blog.

Beautiful Flower Shape Crochet Pattern

beautiful flower shape crochet pattern

This modern crochet patterns free is very easy to create and you can gift it to your friend or colleague for a birthday. So download this today and start knitting this floral design with a crochet hook and a yarn of your favorite color.

Flower Crochet Pattern

flower illistration crochet patterns

Are you looking for a crochet design to embellish the dull edges of the mirror in your living space? Download this design and try to lace it along the sides of your mirror to create a chic look.

Red Seamless Lace Pattern

red seamless lace pattern

Though it seems very difficult and intricate, this crochet pattern for beginners can be easily knitted even if you are new to this venture. It is best suited for placing on a solid red fabric which can be your designer tablecloth.

Vintage Lace Pattern

vintage lace pattern

This classic crochet design is best suited to form a lace along any handicrafts, jackets, skirts or tops. Download this pattern and adorn your crochet blog page with this amazing crochet pattern.

Pink Seamless Lace Crochet Pattern

pink seamless lace crochet pattern

This crochet pattern baby blankets can be used as a decorative cover over pillows, cushions or even blankets. The best thing about it is that you can enlarge it by repeating the same patterns until the desired size is reached.

Be it a baby hat or a stylish scarf, a gorgeous shawl or a cover for your vintage showpiece; crochet designs come in handy at all junctures of our lives. By downloading and using these crochet patterns, your new crochet blog will be updated with the most modern crochet patterns free available today.

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