Plaid patterns are those referring to designs that consist of crossed horizontal and vertical bands of two or more colors, forming checkered patterns. These were originally used as floral fabric patterns but these days, however, plaid patterns have countless uses in web design and graphics. Common types of plaid patterns include tartan, madras, check pattern and gingham.

Pink Color Cute Plaid Patterns

pink color cute plaid patterns

 Red And Black Checkered Plaid Pattern

red and black checkered plaid pattern


Blue Plaid Pattern

blue plaid pattern


The beauty of plaid patterns lie in the balance it creates between simplicity and complex designs. Innumerable designs can be created using plaid patterns and designers today can never run out of options. It is a great pattern to experiment with and an interesting pattern for classy and elegant backgrounds.

Colorful Plaid Patterns

colorful plaid patterns


Soft And Nice Plaid Pattern

soft and nice plaid pattern

Geometric Plaid Pattern

geometric plaid pattern

Plaid Pattern With Pink Background

plaid pattern with pink background


Tartan and Plaid Patterns

tartan and plaid patterns


Green Color Plaid Pattern

green color plaid pattern


12 Tartan Plaid Patterns

12 tartan plaid patterns


Set Of Colorful Plaid Patterns

set of colorful plaid patterns


6 Diagonal Plaid Patterns

6 diagonal plaid patterns


Plaid Patterns In Black & White

plaid patterns in black white


Digital Plaid Pattern

digital plaid pattern

Beautiful Tartan Plaid Pattern

beautiful tartan plaid pattern


Plaid patterns today are in vogue with fashion designers who have a presence online since it originates from a woven cloth design. These web pages often use plaid patterns as their background and provide designers a sense of geometry and symmetry as well.

12 Simple Plaid Patterns

12 simple plaid patterns


Spring Type Plaid Patterns

spring type plaid patterns

Pink Color Plaid Pattern

pink color plaid pattern


Vector Layered Plaid Patterns

vector layered plaid patterns


Colorful Tartan Plaid patterns

colorful tartan plaid patterns


Heart Checkered Plaid Pattern

heart checkered plaid pattern


Different Colors Plaid Pattern

different colors plaid patterns

Monkey Mark Plaid Pattern

monkey mark plaid pattern

Seamless Tartan Plaid pattern

seamless tartan plaid pattern


Fabric Plaid patterns

fabric plaid patterns1


Various colors, thickness of the bands and the use of multiple layers can make plaid patterns look very unique from other mundane background patterns. The freedom to experiment with plaid is immense and so it is a highly used and popular design pattern today with wen designers. It also looks stunning on screens and gives a vibrant and structured look as well. With so much scope to experiment and with so many uses, plaid is an absolute winner when it comes to design patterns.

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