Canvas is a durable fabric used for making items which need sturdiness, like tents, backpacks, etc. It is also used by artists for painting, by spreading it on a wooden frame. The canvas is an extremely adaptable and resourceful material as it can also be used to make fashion items like handbags. Thus canvas handbags makes for a very hardy and highly fashionable item. Their specialty lies in the fact that they can be made into bags of all types, say, Floral handbag embroidered, fabric-art or even solid-colored. Following are some interesting canvas handbag designs:

Coated Canvas Handbag

coated canvas handbag

Coated canvas handbags are the ones which have a layer of wax coated on them to give a smoother look making it look even more sophisticated and delicate. Primarily in solid colors, these bags make for good materials to do fabric art on, which enables you to customize your own bag.

Canvas Cross Body Handbag

canvas crossbody handbag

If you’re thinking pro cool, then canvas handbags even have an option for that. A rather popular one. Cross body handbags are a favorite among the youth as they are more spacious, young in nature and make you hands-free. It is an apt option for college and school.

Black Canvas Handbag

black canvas handbag

The advantage of black bags is that they can be taken from work to party, and with so many different kinds of outfit! Doubtful about that? Think of a simple denim and t-shirt look and a mauve skater dress look. The black canvas handbag suits both these looks better than any other designs of handbag like the bucket handbags.

Canvas Tote Handbag

canvas tote handbag

Tote handbags are arguably the most loved, popular and widely-used bag at the moment. And why not? The canvas tote handbags are durable, spacious, handy and very trendy as well. Team this with a boho kaftan and you’re good to go.

Nautical Canvas Handbag

nautical canvas handbag

Step out of the usual with this nautical canvas handbag. It is so much more appealing, and in tune with sophistication as well as cool. How long do you want to carry your expensive fur handbags everywhere? Give them a rest and flaunt this baby instead.

Canvas Satchel Handbag

canvas satchel handbag

This single handbag has so many qualities in it. It can be called a tote or a satchel handbag. Some satchel handbags can also be made into cross-body handbags by adjusting the straps. If you’re tight on budget, go for this neutral colored satchel handbag that will last you long and even look good with most of your dresses.

Vintage Canvas Handbag Design

vintage canvas handbag design

It has almost become a notion that delicate bags such as the vintage ones are not hardy and long-lasting. The canvas vintage handbags defy that notion. Along with the quaint look, it also assures durability.

Striped Canvas Handbag

striped canvas handbag

Stripes have never left the fashion industry. Starting from clothes to shoes and now handbags, their adaptability is wide-ranged. Team this colorful striped canvas handbag with a solid-colored poncho, and voila!

Blue Canvas Handbag

blue canvas handbag

Modern Canvas Handbag

modern canvas handbag

Simple Canvas Handbag

simple canvas handbag

Trendy Canvas Handbag

trendy canvas handbag

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